RopeyThings Jhb first ever jam and picnic

Sat Oct 26, 14:00 - Sat Oct 26, 17:00
Pride Rock Ilovo


RopeyThings Jhb is collaborating with Lingo to bring you our first ever jam and picnic experience because you’ve earned it! Come practice your approach to all the fun knots and ties you learnt at RopeyThings 101 at the cosy Spring meet-up. ?

We are going to do a demonstration of the basics  101 knots and ties before we open up the space for free practice and delicious snacks by chef Dana. 


Sliders (beef or vegan)

Potato Wedges

Grilled Corn coblets

Choc chip cookie

Fruit snack

What to bring:

• Rope, if you have (we will have jam rope available - so don't worry if you don't have this)

• Safety shears

• Yoga mat, cushion or picnic blankie 

• Dress comfortably

• Water, soda, sweet tea or kumbucha (whatever beverage you fancy) 

Code of conduct:

0. CONSENT - ask before touching, ask where rope can and can't be laid, where hands can and can't be placed. Communicate consent verbally in the space.

0. SAFETY - communicate before, during and after tying, ask about each other's current physical/mental/emotional state. Discuss tying within your risk profile. At all times work within the guidelines of SSC/RACK/PRICK.

0. COMMUNICATION - between tops and bottoms, but also with the event organiser. If anything non-consensual or unsafe occurs, let us know and we will act.

0. ANONYMITY - some peeps don't want to be photographed/recorded. Obtain express consent (noting people that may be in the background) beforehand. Respect this and delete pics if asked. Don't out people who attend RopeyThings events - if you see someone you know, and they want to be anonymous in the space, respect each other and be discreet.

0. KEEP IT PG13 - please don't treat this class as foreplay. It is an intimate artform, but this is not a sexual space. That being said - free the nip but keep the crotch area covered.

0. SUBSTANCES - NO drugs permitted, as it puts the user, everyone attending as well as the organisers at risk of prosecution.

0. ROAR - Right of admission reserved.


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