The absolute beginners guide to power BI

Thu Oct 3, 08:30 - Thu Oct 3, 16:00
Sandton area


Getting started with Power BI 

During this one-day workshop, attendees will learn how to create and publish their own reports allowing from a truly self-service experience.  


About Power BI 

  • Understanding the power BI Ecosystem 
  • Understanding the Power BI licensing model 
  • Building your first report 

Connecting to data 

  • Connecting to multiple data sources 
  • Cleansing and transforming data  

Modelling your data and building calculations using simple DAX 

  • Principals behind building a star schema 
  • Creating Calculated columns, tables and measures 
  • Introduction to time intelligence 
  • Using Relationships 

Building Interactive reports 

  • Principals behind power BI visualization 
  • Cross filtering for interactive reports 

Publishing your report to the power BI service 

  • Creating a Power BI App work space 
  • Creating dashboards 
  • Sharing reports with colleagues 
  • Setting up the Power BI gateway 
  • Scheduling report refreshes 


  • A laptop with Power BI desktop installed and working Wi-Fi 
  • An account created on (One can be provided for the day if required) 


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