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The Event

Don't miss this half price special event where you'll receive a powerful Qi energy treatment and personalised energy assessment at our Johannesburg centre in Parktown North. This can be a big step towards improving health and energy levels.

Reduced from R500 to R250 for this event.

** Book now - limited tickets. Once you have bought your ticket we will contact you to arrange a convenient time slot on your chosen day **

Qi Energy

DID YOU KNOW that emotions and stress can cause blockages in our energy system causing fatigue and health problems?

Our bodies contain 360 energy channels and when Qi energy is flowing freely we feel energised, healthy and happy. Modern life can drain our energy and make us ill, lethargic and leave us suffering from physical pain. In this scenario, receiving Qi energy can revitalise and help the body to start healing.

This Event

You'll receive a full-body acupressure treatment from specially trained practitioners in a private treatment room, at 50% discount. At the end of the treatment the practitioner will give you an assessment of how energy is moving in your body and advise on how to improve energy circulation. The full session will take up to 60 minutes, with the treatment lasting around 20 minutes. The treatments take place here at our Johannesburg centre (see location).

The Treatment

Ja yeon Pa dong is an energy treatment from South Korea. Given by specially trained energy practitioners, the treatment uses a unique combination of acupressure and sound to release deep rooted tension and knots from the body, whilst recharging your ‘human energy’.

Practitioners stimulate acupressure points all over the body to release blockages and tension and reinforce the natural flow of Qi. They focus initially on the abdomen area, where emotional stress is often stored. Tension here can cause digestive issues and back and neck pain. Next, they work over major points on the back, shoulders, neck, head, arms and legs. Each treatment is individual and catered to the client’s body type and condition.

Alongside acupressure, practitioners use a breathing technique, which creates a specific sound vibration to dissolve stubborn knots and carry energy deep into the energy channels.

Ja yeon Pa dong can support the recovery from different ailments and conditions. It recharges your human energy, detoxifies your system and has a calming effect on the mind.

The Assessment

Ja yeon Pa dong practitioners undergo intensive training to harness the power of Qi, given through the treatment and detoxify what they absorb. Their sensitivity enables them to identify different types of energy blockages and give advice on ways you can improve your wellbeing so that you can change long term patterns affecting health and emotions.

What People Say About Us

'I can honestly say that energy treatments with Jungshim are in another league- they are completely different from any other holistic/energy treatment and I found much more effective and quicker to take action - like instant. I got instant pain relief and an unprecedented level of energy (which I was very much lacking in)from my treatments.'

(Stacey W.)

'I first had a treatment for back and neck problems that had plagued me for years and was astounded to feel no pain immediately after my first treatment - something I hadn't believed would happen ever again. Treatments feel great, as the practitioner presses gently along the energy points of the body, and you feel light and pain-free at the end.

Beats any massage I've ever had, and leaves a lasting impact.'

(BM, London)

'I always love going to Jung Shim. Can't recommend it enough! I've told all of my friends and family and so far everyone has had a great experience. The energy sessions leave me feeling uplifted and have really helped at difficult times in my life. Thanks very much for all the good work you do. I'll be back soon!'

(Gemma K.)

'I am sensitive to energy. I also work in a stressful local government job at a desk in front of a computer. I tried Jung Shim at a show and after the taster treatment was so impressed by my body's reaction, I signed up for a course of treatments. After 10 treatments I can report that I feel more full of energy and more calm, a sense of well-being that I haven't felt for as long as I can remember.'

(Linda C.)

Please note Half Price Treatment only valid for your first treatment at this event.

When and where?

Jung Shim
233 Jan Smuts Avenue
Parktown North
South Africa

Runs from Thu 05 Sep 2019 at 11:00 AM

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