Managing Emotions (CSG)

Sat Sep 12, 09:00 - Sat Sep 12, 15:00
Randburg, Gauteng


This LADIES ONLY personal development workshop will teach you how to:

à Be Assertive

à Be Confident

à Use your Strengths

à Start a Conversation easily

à Apologize when you have to

à Understand your partner and/or children better

à Get that Job/Promotion/Increase

à Ask when you want something

à Say No when you need to

à Accept Compliments

à Stop Apologizing

à ...and so much more.

The facilitator, Natalie Delport, will have you rolling with laughter as she shares some insights into life’s fascinating humans and their sometimes-unexplainable behaviour. Happy with who you are? Awesome! And well done! Why not spread the love and buy a ticket for someone you care about...


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