Learning Clan 2019

Fri Dec 27, 09:00 - Fri Jan 3, 12:00
Circle of Dreams

NOTE: YOU WILL NEED YOUR TALENT EXCHANGE NUMBER AND BALANCE TO BUY A TICKET. If not yet on the exchange, join at www.ces.org.za. Read all info below before making your purchase.


 WEBSITE : www.learningclan.net



* Learning Clan is a community village not a laid on event - everyone participates to make it happen.

*.All trading is done in Talents at this Festival. Gifting or bartering is fine too but no money whatsoever please.

* Conscious camping - leave no trace, be considerate to everyone around you, help with village chores

* Attendance is entirely at your own risk. 

* You must be fully self sufficient and take full responsibility for yourselves, your children, and your belongings.

* Gate will be open only from 9am-5pm - no after hours entry. 

* Each day, between 10-11am, everyone offers some community service for the flow and enhancement of the village

* No chemicals of any kind. Mindful alcohol, no under age drinking/smoking. Right of admission reserved.

* Please ensure your teenagers are fully aware of the ethos of the village and agree to participate.

*You must be a member of the Talent Exchange:

  • This is a no-money event - you can gift, barter or swop or use the Talent Exchange. 
  • Sign up if you are not already a member. 
  • It's quick and easy and free and is a handy tool for being able to trade without money before, during and after the festival.
  • Go to www.ctte.org.za (if you live in Cape Town) or www.ces.org.za (Regional /International) 
  • You will be asked what your offering is. This does NOT have to be the same as the offering you bring to the event.
  • You will receive a TE number within 24 hours, which you must enter when you buy your ticket above.
  • There are many exchanges all over the world, so join the one closest to where you live. All exchanges can trade freely with each other.
  • In the Talent Balance question - just enter 0, but all existing members must put their current balance

If you are already a member of the Exchange

- please enter your current Talent number and Talent balance - this is so we know that YOU know, if you have a positive or negative balance. 

The idea is to keep your balance around zero. If you have a negative balance it means you have taken morethan given to your community, so you need to think of something to do or sell on the Exchange in the next few months or have a definite plan to earn talents at the Festival. See the website for ideas.  

If this sounds complicated, don't worry, it's all part of the learning, you'll get the hang of it and be glad of this amazing system to trade with people without needing money, or banks or vat throughout the year.


  • A campsite for 7 nights/8 days in a beautiful shady setting next to your car
  • Several large fire pits for warmth and cooking (no private fires allowed due to fire risk)
  • Fresh abundant mountain drinking water
  • A great river for swimming
  • Flush toilets and hot showers (using off-grid power)
  • Hills, forests and river to explore, walks and cycle tracks
  • An opportunity to share your skills, goods and services and earn Talents
  • Free Stall space at the daily village market
  • Live music stage, drumming circles, and dance floor 
  • A children’s area with educational and fun activities
  • Areas to hold talks, workshops, yoga, debates, healing, anything you would like to offer needing a space
  • You can also create your own space for your offering
  • Access to talks, documentaries, workshops, demonstrations, art, crafts, entertainment
  • Over 150 activities are usually available, some free, some for Talents - see website for growing list.


  • The price is the same whether you attend for the whole week or for one day.
  • Read the website for details of what to bring, see it as an exercise in self-sufficiency and preparedness for any eventuality!
  • No alcohol can be sold. We don't ban it but we do ban unconscious behaviour :)
  • If you wish to offer a talk, workshop or demo, please let us know : [email protected]
  • We reserve the right to refuse activities that are not in line with our ethos
  • We can't have too many dogs, hence the increase in ticket price for Dogs. All dogs must have a ticket.


The organisers and farm owners accept no responsibility for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles or belongings resulting from any cause. Although due care has been taken to make this event as safe and secure as possible, participation is entirely at your own risk. By Buying this ticket, you agree to this.


Thanks for your open heart and mind, your honesty and understanding, your respect for others and the environment and your willingness to participate, and co-create a community village with us.

See you at the Circle of Dreams !

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Learning Clan 2019
Circle of Dreams
Riviersonderend, South Africa
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