Abiding at the Heart

Sat Aug 24, 09:30 - Sat Aug 24, 12:30
VKBC Johannesburg


At this special weekend event, Gen Kelsang Mila, will share inspiring teachings and meditations from this years International Summer Festival, held at Manjushri in the UK.


The teachings will be focusing on Buddha’s teachings on Mahamudra. The Mahamudra meditations taught by Buddha are simple yet powerful methods for accessing the space-like clarity of our mind. These techniques help us to maintain the peace and bliss of a pure mind, even in the face of life’s ordinary worries and frustrations.


In these teachings you will receive step by step instructions on how to meditate on the pure nature of your mind and how to train in these meditations to gain a deep sense of inner peace and bliss.


This Retreat will help give an opportunity to those who couldn’t travel to the international festival to connect to the life changing experience of that event!

Everyone is welcome to this retreat, no prior experience of meditation needed.


Abiding at the Heart
VKBC Johannesburg
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