1-Day Workshop - Introduction to the Thinking Enviroment

Wed Sep 11, 08:30 - Wed Sep 11, 16:30
Blandford Manor


Based on the work of Nancy Kline (Time to Think™)

Program Overview:

  • Introduction to the ten components (behaviors) of thinking environment.
  • Experience and practice the three building blocks which will enhance and transform your professional and personal interactions, communications,

What you will learn:

  • You will learn how to listen to understand, rather hearing to respond
  • Your communication will be more effective and reap the results you desire.
  • It will result in committed engagement, creative possibility thinking and problem solving.
  • Discover the neuroscience which backs up the practice of the Thinking Environment.


  • Creating a Thinking Environment enables others to think better for themselves resulting in individuals and teams taking ownership of responsibilities and commitments.
  • Productive meetings and problem solving skills.
  • A new way of ensuring meetings run on time and everyone participates.
  • Inclusive and collaborative methods which can be implemented immediately


1-Day Workshop - Introduction to the Thinking Enviroment
Blandford Manor
Hyperion Dr, North Riding, Randburg
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