Genuine Porra - A One-Man Comedy Show

Tue Aug 27, 19:30 - Tue Aug 27, 22:00
The Station on Bree


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An exclusive one-man comedy special by Portuguese export Nelson de Gouveia as he tackles mixing cultures, parental guilt and fish.

In keeping with gender binary norms and answering questions nobody asked, comedian Nelson de Gouveia fulfils his dream of disappointing his parents and wasting his friends’ time by writing a one-man comedy special called “Genuine Porra”, a one hour romp into how he handled mixing Portuguese, South African, English and American cultures into the wasteful miasma of a man he is today.

At 39 years old, he’s a proud man with no discernible patriotism towards the Portuguese flag, the South African way of thinking or the English sausage, but instead built his own brand of wit and charm through years of dissecting the moral psyche of what it means to be a Genuine Porra…that it’s not just about the passport, but how you recover from it.?

If you wanted to know how he dealt with living in the transition between dreamy suburban apartheid and chaotic suburban democracy, how the melting pot of Cape Town’s Portuguese community and religious dogma sent him scurrying up to Europe to discover himself in the mean streets of London, and how he returned to the country that never adopted him, then this special is for you.?

Discover what his father means to him, how his mother considered him and who eventually decided to marry him. Where he realised his fallibility in his health and wealth, and how the “fish out of water” concept only applies to fish.?

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Genuine Porra - A One-Man Comedy Show
The Station on Bree
207 Bree St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000
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