Let's Save Lives NOT Sell Lives_Drive-In Experience

Thu Aug 15, 17:30 - Thu Aug 15, 21:30
Something Good Roadhouse & Restaurant


Let's put our hands together for this #WOW #fundraising initiative and #TEAM of beautiful #humans. Let's all reach out, dig deep into our pockets and SAVE A #LIFE by supporting A21 in their campaign and dedication against human trafficking. Human Trafficking IS a #REALITY.

We'll meet you at Something Good Roadhouse and Restaurant for a fabulous Seaview Drive-In experience in aid of Human Trafficking. Bring your family, friends and neighbourhood... Sell tickets to your colleagues (talk to us about that incentive) and save LIVES by doing so. Yes, we care!

Spread the #Love, go wild on spreading the #news, book tickets and avoid the endless queue. The worst that can happen is that you don't end up amongst the #first lucky100 #vehicles to make it for this extra-ordinary event.

WHY should you invest?

As part of the Walk for Freedom campaign and event happening on 19 October 2019, we encourage you to follow the following link and see below shout out from the A21 A-Team...


The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness about the millions of men, women, and children who are still trapped in slavery today.

For those who aren't familiar with the Pop-up Cinema EC fineprint yet. Here we go!

  • Pop-up Cinema EC does not cancel events, we postpone to the next available date in accordance with the venue management and event partners.
  • We will only postpone an event due to extremely poor weather conditions, which are wind gusts of 30 km/hr and/or rain on the day of event.
  • Any changes will be communicated to our ticket holders via sms and announced on our preferred social media platforms, at least 8 hours prior to the event time.
  • Redemption of online tickets are securely monitored. We adhere to a STRICTLY NON-REFUNDABLE policy unless stipulated otherwise by Pop-up CInema EC management.
  • ONLY original, barcoded print-outs and/or digital tickets with QR or Barcodes, are accepted at the gates.
  • Duration of Event: Yes, we make MAGIC, yet. We are not equipped nor trained to control the exact time of sunset. The stipulated times are only guidelines and might slightly differ on the evening. We are known for our punctuality and our ability to accommodate our guests according to their requirements and time frames.
  • Please ensure that you have a working FM radio in your vehicle as the audio is transmitted via an FM frequency, which is announced prior to the start of the on-screen entertainment.
  • Parents: Please assist us in keeping outdoor cinema experiences safe and family friendly by preventing your lovely kids from entering the area around our screen. A good guideline is to show them the anchoring ropes. They are too close to the screen and equipment if the ropes are above their heads. THANK YOU
  • NO guests are allowed behind the screen and/or back of house. SAFETY FIRST. We are not liable for any injuries or damage on site. We practise and apply strict safety protocol and have zero tolerance towards trespassing behaviour.
  • We encourage guests to support our food vendors as they cater and prepare quality, affordable and generous meals for a magical movie experience.

This is not a cashless event YET! Card facilities are available on request.

This is a KID Friendly event. Viewing for parents' discretion.

PLEASE feel free to post, like and share all your memories and pictures on our social media platforms. We are not stingy when it comes to complimentary tickets and/or mention credit where it is due.

See you at the movies!


Let's Save Lives NOT Sell Lives_Drive-In Experience
Something Good Roadhouse & Restaurant
Marine Dr, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
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