WYW-SA Karatbars - Johannesburg - New Client

Sat Oct 19, 07:00 - Sat Oct 19, 21:00
Gallagher Estate Convention Centre


Join us for this exclusive KARATBARS INTERNATIONAL event

Find out how you can save in gold and hedge against inflation and the global devaluing currencies. Like most you probably thought you could only buy gold in large quantities but Dr Harald Seiz had the vision to put gold back into the people's hands and so founded Karatbars International in 2011 now active in over 140 countries with over 600,000 active affiliates.

Remove debts and create wealth, Karatbars International makes GOLD affordable and accessible to EVERYONE.

Products include:

  • Cashgold: Gold in the form of physical banknotes or digital at Karatpay.
  • K1 Impulse phone: The world's first decentralised smartphone with integrated payment system.
  • CEM (Cash Exchange Machines): Provision of Cashgold to everyone.
  • Karat Merchant: Revolutionary POS software for offline / online stores to accept gold as payment.

Join the 21st century gold rush now, soon Karatbars will be available to millions of people worldwide.

Your speakers at this exclusive event include:

Markus Bratschko: Sales Manager at Karatbars International; Conray Labuschagne: Founder of Work Your Wealth; Tony De Gouveia: Founder of TUB; and Andrew Eaton: Networking Entrepreneur.


WYW-SA Karatbars - Johannesburg - New Client
Gallagher Estate Convention Centre
19 Richards Dr, Halfway House, Midrand, 1685
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