Introduction to Eco Printing

Sat Nov 23, 10:00 - Sat Nov 23, 15:00
Veld and Sea cabin



Taught by botanical textile artist Ira Bekker, this Introduction to Eco Printing Workshop is a fun and magical journey into an unfamiliar place, where you will be led to discover how the plants around us blossom into the space of creation and become our co-creators - showing us a sprinkling of the magic they hold. Our fynbos region has a particularly distinctive point of exploration, as each plant seems to have it’s own colour signature and texture. Even when some of the more hardy fynbos species do not contain colour – they offer up beautifully fine ‘resist prints’.

What to expect:

After an introductory and informative talk, we will head out for a mindful and meditative walk to forage small pieces of plants from nature, which will be rolled up into our first small bundles to test the plants in the area. Following this we will explore two different processes for extracting plant pigments onto fabric: Steaming and Boiling.These two eco-printing methods give very different results, and it is a spectacular experience to untie, unfold and discover what unique patterns and colours lie in each beautiful creation.

Please bring:

Light coloured natural fabrics and/or clothing (each person will get to do two pieces)

A small selection of fresh plants to share (While not all plants print, Ira suggests fynbos, eucalyptus, rose, bottlebrush flowers and geraniums. All plants are worth testing and experimenting with, so bring what you have!)

Pen and paper for taking down notes,

Gloves and apron optional

What will be included:

Herbal tea and cake, plus a floral inspired lunch meal cooked up by the Veld and Sea team.

Two of your own unique eco prints to take home that you will create on the day.

What you will gain:

An introduction to the basics of eco-printing. A deeper first hand experience of alternative ways in which plants can be co-creators and how we can become inspired by our natural environment. A mindful and holistic outlook on natural plant dyes. An eco friendly awareness to the re-invention of fabrics in our spaces, utilizing natural plant dyes with conscious consumerism and upcycling fabrics and fashion in mind. Through this informative and interactive workshop, participants will leave with the confidence to continue this creative practice at home. 

Cost: R880 per person.

Please note: This workshop will only take place if a minimum of 10 participants attend, so invite your friends to join!

Refund policy: 20% Cancellation fee. Non refundable within 72 hours of event.

Thank you for understanding.


Introduction to Eco Printing
Veld and Sea cabin
7976, Plateau Rd, Cape Peninsula, Cape Town, South Africa
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