TEDxLytteltonWomen 2019

Fri Dec 13, 08:00 - Fri Dec 13, 17:00
Lemonjack Theatre


TEDxLytteltonWomen is an independently organized TED like experience under license from TEDx and TEDWomen. TEDxLytteltonWomen happens over one day in front of a live audience. The content is shared online, at a later stage, on the official TEDx platform on YouTube.   

TEDxLytteltonWomen specifically curates content by African women, predominantly South African women. By license requirement, all TEDxLytteltonWomen events are managed as not for profit initiatives and are managed by a team of committed volunteers under direction of a licensee.  Through TEDxLytteltonWomen we deliberately share ideas, ways of thinking, and possibilities using the lens of African women, providing a platform to share their stories, amplifying their voices.

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TEDxLytteltonWomen 2019
Lemonjack Theatre
276 Poole Ave, Centurion, 0157, South Africa
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