Discover Consciousness Coaching® - an evening with Marc Steinberg

Thu Aug 15, 18:00 - Thu Aug 15, 21:00
Houghton Golf Club


Are you interested in discovering and using new layers of your potential?

Would you like to receive a first-hand experience of masterful coaching, make progress on your goals and create meaningful breakthroughs for yourself?

Do such concepts as “conscious leadership” and “personal development” speak to you on a deeper level?

Is coaching a career option that you are currently considering? Or are you already a coach seeking insights into creating more impact, abundance and authentic success?

If you are a “yes” to at least one of these questions, this event is for you!

Join us for an experiential evening of exploring masterful coaching hosted by CCI Creative Consciousness International and lead by CCI Founder and CEO - Marc Steinberg, MCC.


-      A direct experience of Consciousness Coaching® approach and method, applied to your most important goals

-      An opportunity to be coached by Marc Steinberg live at the event

-      A deeper understanding of what coaching is, and how it can support you both personally and professionally

-      Awareness tools and practices from Marc Steinberg’s master coach toolkit

-      Insights, inspiration and networking with like-minded people


The event will start at 6 pm with drinks and snacks, the program will begin at 6:30 pm and end at 9 pm.

We welcome you at the beautiful Houghton Golf Club: Osborn Rd, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, 2198

Your investment for the evening:

R295 a ticket for one person

R395 a ticket for two people attending together


If you have any questions about the event, please email us to:

[email protected]


Marc has been empowering and inspiring people worldwide on their journeys of awakening their essence, fulfilling on their greatness, and creating inner and outer success for more than three decades.

He holds the prestigious MCC (Master Certified Coach) credential from ICF (International Coach Federation), and has developed Consciousness Coaching® methodology as well as Creative Consciousness® body of work on self-realization, consciousness development and personal growth.

Marc is the author of two books, autobiography “The Journey” and “Passion for Awareness”. He was chosen to be featured as of the top five international coaches in the world’s fist documentary about coaching - “Leap”.

Marc’s clients and students have been able to access their true powers, master the art of unlimited creation, and build authentic lives filled with happiness, freedom and meaning.


Consciousness Coaching® is our pioneering coaching methodology designed to work on the root cause of the client’s issues. Our method is based on the core principle that only if WE change our reality changes, and that true power comes from creation. Instead of working on the level of behavior and surface adjustments, our coaching method allows you to facilitate shifts in consciousness, self-awareness and mastery that have a deep, transformational and sustainable impact. The methodology includes our signature 7-step Consciousness Coaching® process plus a portfolio of consciousness development tools.

As part of our international curriculum, we offer Consciousness Coaching® Training – a world class coach training program accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation) on the highest level, ACTP.

For dates and details, please visit out website:


Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations to be unconditionally powerful creators of their own reality. We do that through facilitating impactful transformational processes and teaching cutting edge creation tools. We offer a portfolio of self-realization programs starting with our signature breakthrough training - Conscious Living 1 - as well as an ICF accredited diploma coach training program, corporate solutions, and top-notch trainer education. Over 5000 graduates from more than 30 countries testify that Creative Consciousness training events have played an essential role in their lives and supported them to become liberated from personal and collective conditioning and create more authentic, passionate and happy lives.

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Discover Consciousness Coaching® - an evening with Marc Steinberg
Houghton Golf Club
Osborn Rd, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg
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