Union Reign Conference

Fri Aug 16, 19:00 - Sat Aug 17, 21:30
God Adventure Church


Registration for Union Reign conference is now open!

We are privileged to be hosting guest speakers: Arun Bulchandani, Chris Blackeby and Meyer Blignaut.

The aim of this conference is to introduce, through teaching and experience, the ability to access heaven through ascendance and union in Christ. Revelation is hitting the earth like never before. These forerunners will inspire, encourage and equip you towards mature sonship.

We are powerful as believers, we are not of this world, we are ambassadors of heaven - what does this mean? Let's discover more.

Session Times:

Friday 16th August

Session 1 - 19h00

Saturday 17th August

Session 2 - 09h30

Session 3 - 11h30

Session 4 - 14h00

Session 5 - 15h30

Session 6 - 19h00

Arun Bulchandani

ARUN'S ministry, Union Flow began 10 years ago with the divinely inspired words: “through Union with Me everything else will Flow.” Arun believes that the best foundation for life is within our Christocentric Union with the Person of God. The Flow of this relationship produces divine intelligence and an ability to exceed the limitations of the natural order on earth. He is focused on seeing others thrive and succeed by helping them deepen their connection with the divine, and encouraging the liberation of their spirit in a lifestyle within the Creator’s Love. Arun will be sharing on this united and ascended lifestyle, joining with others who are creating a better, brighter future.

Chris Blackeby

CHRIS is a full time itinerant Australian pastor who has travelled the world extensively, preaching the Gospel of Christ and its' New Creation impact on all aspects of life. He is known for his clear communication of the liberating truth of the finished work of Jesus Christ and passion for the poor. Chris loves God and His word and teaches the simple gospel - demystifying the mystic.

Meyer Blignaut

MEYER is a new generation believer with a passionate love for Jesus, the finished work of the cross and the outworking of what that means for us here and now. Based in Cape Town, he runs a ministry called, Kardia, part of the Youth with a Mission Network. Meyer has a heart to see our nation transformed, beating with drum beat of the heart of Father.  He has a desire to connect people together across God's international family, hence our honour in hosting Arun and Chris in South Africa. Meyer is currently pioneering a base in Port St John's, expressing the transforming love and power of the Gospel through signs and wonders.  


Union Reign Conference
God Adventure Church
45 Inverleith Terrace, Quigney Beach, East London, 5201
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