Imagine: a Day Party with Morten Granau

Sat Feb 21, 10:00 - Sun Mar 22, 17:00
Kogel Bay Resort

-- Imagine: Paradise Beach feat TEZLA --

-- V E N U E --

Kogel Bay Resort, Clarins Drive, Gordons Bay 

Gate open at 10am on Saturday. 

- Take the N2 from Cape Town.
- Take the Gordon's Bay turn off to the right before Sir Lowrys Pass.
- Go to the T-junction.
- At the T-junction turn left on the R44.
- Follow the signs.

GPS CO-ORDINATES 34°14'09.44' S, 18°51'07.04' E

This picturesque location has been a favourite venue for events of all kinds and recently it's popularity has soared.

We are extremely honored to be given the privilege, once again, of being able to use this special place for #ParadiseBeach.

-- T H E   M U S I C --

Who could of IMAGINED, that when the hit single "New Ways" first broke out on dance floors across the globe, it was already destined to become one of those rare, progressive anthems and a track that would catapultTezla into the hearts and minds of dance music fans every where, but none more so, than here in Cape Town.

Since the release of that collaboration with Ranji in 2013, 26 year old Simon, from Switzerland, has fused his unique musical appreciation and influences into what is now his own, distinctive banging progressive sound that continues to cultivate fans on both sides of the equator.

His remix of Ranji's track "A little bit" is currently charting at fourth place on the @beatport psytrance chart.

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Supporting TEZLA is Cape Towns hottest local DJs and artists as well as some of our very own rising stars:

- Bonnie & Clyde
- Bruce
- Flyp PSyd
- K Jos
Phixius vs Plastic Vision
- Portal
Rubix Qube
Sci Lab (Mungus Fungus)



Please note:
- Consumption of alcohol on the beach is prohibited by law. Keep it in the campsite. If you are unsure, look down... if you see sand, do not continue!
This will be strictly enforced.

- Swimming under the influence is dangerous and stupid. Our life guards are on duty and there for your protection and safety. Listen to them.
And remember NO swimming at NIGHT!

Car pool to Paradise Beach... just like last year, a R100 levy will imposed on each vehicle entering the venue - share the ride, the experience and the levy!

Be responsible for your campsite. 
Black bags will be handed out at the gate. Use them! 

Do not destroy the vegetation

Kogel Bay Resort is part of the greater Kogelberg Biosphere and is South Africa’s first biosphere reserve with official status, registered with UNESCO in 1998. 

This area is considered the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom because of its rich fynbos vegetation.

It is home to no less than 1600 different plant species, including the marsh rose, once on the verge of extinction. 

This is an eco awesome event and over the next few weeks, we will let you know how you can help protect the natural beauty, wildlife and flora and still have a good time.


If you would like to volunteer as an eco warrior, watch this space.
We are looking for friends and fans to help us manage the space and the impact on the environment.

NOTE: This is a strictly no under 18 event. ID on request.

NO littering PETS OR glass allowed in the venue. 
NO firearms or illegal substances 
Leave your bad attitudes and negative vibes at home

No member of THE EVENT, it’s partners, crew or affiliates accept any responsibility for loss of/or damage to person/s or property ALTHOUGH EVERY EFFORT IS MADE TO ENSURE A SAFE PARTY EXPERIENCE, participation is at your own risk

Line up, times, ticket prices and venue are subject to change without notice.
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Morten Granau
Morten Granau cuts his teeth on Trance music. DJing and producing already at a barely legal age, the young man from Copenhagen today is held to be one of the most up-and-coming talents of the lively Danish scene, a youthful and highly dynamic source of pumping Progressive grooves. Morten Granau’s production style is varied and hard to pinpoint. There is a very deep and psychedelic touch of classic Progressive Trance to it, but also a modern feeling of clubby funkiness. The increasing popularity of Morten’s entertaining grooves makes him a welcome guest at parties and festivals around the world. Besides releasing high-quality Progressive Trance under his civic name and creating progressive and deep house tracks as High & Mighty, the young go-getter is also known as the One Man Orchestra which stands for melodic Minimal Techno and Deephouse.
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Hailing from the multi-cultural and multi-talented Mother City in South Africa, Emoutikon is known for his groove induced big room Techno sound which can be heard regularly at events such as BNKR (one of Cape Town's leading Techno nights) and Teknotribe in Johannesburg. Being first and foremost a producer with tracks released on South African Techno labels Teknotribe and his own label Black Void Musik, which he co-founded in 2013, his productions are a representation that there's more to his artistry than just playing other people's music. With the added belief that dance music should make you dance and that emotions translate through music, there is no denying that this is one artist that will leave you wanting more.
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Deadbeat FM
The Deadbeat FM DJ/Producer duo is the unholy union of notorious psy-trance producer, Deliriant (Shane) and Johnny Rook (Piers), dedicated to bringing a vulgar new sound to the house, techno and progressive scene. Alhough the two now live in different cities, they play under the same project name, holding it down in Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively.
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Sad Paradise
The progressive psytech project of James Copeland the man behind a number of formidable projects such as Broken Toy, Super Evil, Nesono. As if four (including releases under his own name) projects weren’t enough, James most recently gave birth to twins – his son (thanks to his wife), and the Progressive Psytrance project Sad Paradise
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According to the Mayan's, the world was due to end on the 21st day of December 2012 ... However, this message was naively misinterpreted ...The World (as we knew it) did in fact end, as it simultaneously birthed a new creation... FEEDBACK ...All will be revealed in time ... Those that choose to seek will find, and those that choose to listen will hear!
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Surrounded by music from a young age, Connecto has made a developed a special connection to that magical chord that connects us all through frequency of music. Collecting and listening to many styles of music, he found his roots in psy-progressive trance music around 1998, shortly after which he decided to pursue dj’ing as a passionate hobby in 2002.
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David Miller, alternatively known as Humerous is a well-renowned producer and DJ in the South African trance scene.His eccentric nature and outgoing vibe is evident in his favoured genre of fusion Tech, Prog and Psy. Humerous has accumulated a wide range of sounds manufactured with Mega Groove, Pads, Rhythm and melodic leads. Somehow Humerous has developed a sound that elevates the listener to a revolutionary and truly innovative place. It’s worth mentioning that this passionate DJ & producer established himself and his reputation through the utmost dedication of his particular skill set.
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The Commercial Hippies
The Commercial Hippies (Anton Raubenheimer and Gareth Tacon) are the formidable Psy-Trance duo known world wide for their funky bass-lines, memorable melodies and dance-floor shaking beats. With over a decade worth of electronic dance music production, 2 full length albums, and multiple singles and EP’s under their belt, they have earned a permanent position in the hearts and minds of many a Psy-Trance lover around the globe.
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The connection that Sway has with Psytrance has spanned most of her adult life. As a young aspiring photographer, the outdoor party scene in Cape Town inspired her with the vibrant colors, insane art installations, interesting people in beautiful clothing and the intense, gripping music. The unconventional energy that she brings to a line-up has changed and evolved many times during her journey with the music and it’s culture - a metamorphosis that has spanned nearly a decade, yet she still looks forward to each opportunity to bring very her distinctive mixing technique and full on selection of tracks to the dance floor, no matter how big or intimate the event. This is evident in her unabated ability to constantly push the boundaries within herself and on their productions, looking for new avenues to entertain, connect and inspire!

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