Africa Unite's 30 Seconds Tournament Fundraiser

Fri Aug 2, 17:00 - Fri Aug 2, 21:00



Africa Unite relies heavily on donations to continue operating the School Club. Therefore, on the 2nd of August we will be putting together a 30-seconds tournament as a fundraiser. 100% of the proceeds will go towards School Club operations.

We invite you to come out with friends in groups of 4 for a pizza and wine night with a competitive twist.

If you buy online you will be provided with a complimentary drink upon arrival. However there will be tickets available at the door.

There will be a prize for the winning team so bring your A-game.

Our Cause:

Majority of the township communities in South Africa are characterised by vandalism, gangsterism, drugs and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, lack of leadership skills, etc. These challenges are also a daily reflection of the school’s environment in these areas. Last month Nesw24 reported a series of shocking incidences involving learners targeting teachers with violence across the country. Government has acknowledged that violence is a societal problem which requires all stakeholders to play their part in creating a safe school environment where the learners themselves must be the centre change.

Therefore, with the acknowledgement of these injustices school children face, Africa Unite formed the Africa Unite School Club (AUSC) in 2014, as a program that is designed to work with high schools in previously disadvantaged (townships) areas around the Western Cape, KwaZulu-­ Natal and Gauteng, as an effort to create young leaders who think critically about the environment which surrounds them. The program is designed to shift the mindset of the learners, from being complacent about their living conditions and the injustices which suppress them to being active agents of social change who see a better future in their school and communities. Thus, the AUSC grooms the youth in our communities to be leaders and take initiative at an early age which further aids and inspires the rest of the youth in their schools and community. As a youth movement, Africa Unite is determined to spread this project across South Africa, the African continent and across international waters.

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Africa Unite's 30 Seconds Tournament Fundraiser
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