Equine Assisted Learning & Leadership Workshop

Sat Aug 10, 09:00 - Sat Aug 10, 15:00
The EARTH Centre


What is it all about?

Are you self-employed? A business owner? Or leading a team? Wherever we work we are all navigating the VUCA world.






Change is the one constant in life. For example, we may experience change for a positive reason, such as a promotion, marriage, a new house, a new baby - or it may be change for unpleasant reasons, like retrenchment, divorce or a death in the family.

Change causes stress. When we experience stress there is an increase in the hormones released into the body in the form of adrenaline and cortisol. Just enough change which we perceive as positive will cause enough hormones to be released to energise the body, mind and emotions. Too much change and anxiety and the body will be flooded with these hormones and we feel overwhelmed.

So, when we experience VUCA in our world of work or family we need to learn how to manage ourselves, our emotions and behaviours, recognising how we impact others around us in the workplace and at home, and how stress impacts us.


If we do not like how our team is behaving or the results we are generating, we need to ask ourselves "what kind of leader am I?''

“What is my contribution to the very thing I complain about?” (Community - Peter Block)


As leaders we have the technical or hard skills but what about the soft skills?


  • How effective is my leadership style?
  • Why is it important to work on self-mastery first?
  • What skills do I need?


These are just some of the questions we will find answers to when we work with the horses in our one-day experiential EQUINE ASSISTED LEARNING AND LEADERSHIP workshop.


Why do we work with horses?


It is said that humans communicate around 7% verbally and 93% non-verbally. Horses do not use words but have a rich non-verbal vocabulary they communicate amongst themselves and to us as humans if we care to observe.


We can learn SO much about ourselves and how others experience us. The horses are our teachers for the day showing us what behaviour styles are required for personal, team and corporate leadership.


In today’s VUCA world, you will learn how to calm yourself through collaboration and how to provide authentic leadership.


Equine Assisted Learning & Leadership Workshop
The EARTH Centre
125 Peter Rd, Ruimsig, Roodepoort, 1724
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