The Mindfulness Workshop

Sat Sep 7, 09:00 - Sat Sep 7, 13:00
Synergy Holistix


Are you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed from continually trying to meet deadlines, manage expectations or tick off your "to-do" list?

Do you find yourself operating on "auto-pilot" causing you to lose valuable moments of your precious life?

Have you lost your connection with your inner self and forgotten who you are?

Why don't you invest some time in YOURSELF and re-connect with the true essence of you.

Transform yourself and your life with Mindfulness and learn to cultivate happiness, peace of mind and overall well-being.

Immerse yourself in a morning of meditation and self reflection.

What we'll be covering..

  • Mindfulness, what it's about and the Science behind it
  • A vision of your Future Self
  • How to manage stress - Check IN before you Check OUT technique
  • You'll learn how to practice the following Meditations:
  1.    Raisin Meditation
  2.    Body Scan 
  3.    Sitting Meditation 
  4.    Loving Kindness 
  5.    Turning Toward (difficult emotions and pain)
  • Dealing with thoughts while meditating
  • Learn to operate from the Beginners Mind
  • Stepping out of "auto-pilot" & bringing awareness to what you are doing, sensing and thinking in the moment
  • Tools to integrate Mindfulness into your daily life
  • Habit Stacking

Transform your life with Mindfulness!

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The Mindfulness Workshop
Synergy Holistix
20 1st Ave, Pierneef Park, Randburg, 2195
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