10and5: SupperClub July Sponsored by Brampton Wines

Fri Jul 26, 18:00 - Fri Jul 26, 23:00
Unit B10, Salt Orchard


What You Missed at the First 10and5 Supper Club

And why you should be at the next one

Last month, we hosted our first 10and5 Supper Club. It was an overwhelming success, bringing together a network of creatives and collaborators in a fun and social evening. We were privileged to host designers Mrs & Mr Luke as our guest speakers for the evening, who shared their latest work with us in a short talk.

Our idea for the Supper Club was to create a warm and inviting space for like-minded people to meet and socialise in a relaxed environment. 

The event took place at SOUTE in Woodstock and was based on the FoodJam concept. The original concept was created by Jade de Waal, who wanted an excuse to bring her friends into her favourite place - her kitchen. The structure of the evening ensures that eating the food is only part of the fun – guests are not only invited to eat the dinner, but to cook it too! What better way to network than over a bottle of Brampton’s wine and a chopping board.

With only 50 guests, it was an intimate evening where everyone could meet and get to know each other over lots of delicious food and wine. People from different parts of the creative industry were paired up – preferably with someone they had just met - and given a recipe and the ingredients needed to cook one dish on the menu. Guests were encouraged to improvise and add their own personal touch to the dishes. Both the wine and the creative juices flowed as each group tried their hand at one of the FoodJam original recipes. In the end, we were treated to a four-course meal which was shared by everyone at a long dining table.

With a carefully curated guest list of like-minded creatives, members of our audience and fans of 10and5, it was a great way for us to meet our collaborators and readers, and for them to meet each other. It was also the perfect opportunity for us to celebrate all of the incredible artists, designers, filmmakers, photographers, producers, and other creatives, who we have featured on our website in the past month. 


10and5: SupperClub July Sponsored by Brampton Wines
Unit B10, Salt Orchard
45 Yew St, Salt River, Cape Town, 7925
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