Event Tourism Forum & Masterclass: Cape Town

Thu Sep 12, 09:00 - Fri Sep 13, 16:00
Cape Town


Masterclass: 12 September 2019, Cape Town

Forum: 13 September 2019, Cape Town

Building Sustainable Event Tourism from the Ground Up!

The 7th Event Tourism Masterclass will take place in Cape Town on 12 September 2019 around this year’s edition of the Cape Town Marathon, which is the country’s only IAAF Gold Label Events, drawing more than 23 000 runners, from across the world.

As a premier event, the Marathon is one of many major events, contributing an estimated R3bn to the local economy and enabling the creation of more than 20 000 temporary jobs.

The Masterclass will unpack the investment strategies made by all the stakeholders to generate these big economic pay-offs brought through events, and at the same time using it as a means to promote a destination to new visitors.

The key learning theme of the Masterclass will focus around the potential partnership opportunities that exist for local Municipalities and Provinces with event organisers and how they could create win-win partnerships to also extract value from out-of-town visitors.

Strategic international partnerships are also a key strategy to assist with the growth of events inclusive of the resultant benefits to a destination and its local attractions.

According to Lead Facilitator, Gerrit Davids, Director at TaranisCo Advisory, “The Masterclass will lend itself to an open conversation wherein all stakeholders can share ideas and concepts on sustainable strategies on how to partner each other in order to manage the challenges posed by an uncertain and disruptive economy”.

The Masterclass will have a major focus on event funding and sponsorship strategies, debating the main consideration as to, “what sponsors and funders want, and how organisers should align their proposals to their business objectives, rather than to its own desires”.

It will also deal with issues pertaining to additional revenue generating streams inclusive of crowd funding, integrating big data, virtual reality, digital and social media into the event experience as well as creating online audio and video channels to further increase income.

The Masterclass will have a major focus on event tourism and how organisers could use their economic impact research reports as an effective tool to get government support for their events.

Key Masterclass Themes:

– The Role of Government in Creating an Enabling Economic Environment for Sustainable Major Events

– Event Organisers Partnering Government to forge Sustainable Visitor Strategies

– Expanding Events to other locations in Partnership with Government

– Stakeholder Partnerships between Event Organisers and the Hospitality Sector

– Why, the use of Data and Economic Impact Surveys, will improve the Sustainability of Major Events.

– Why Local Attractions, Heritage Sites, Museums Partner Major Events to attract more visitors

– Event Safety and What are the Limits of Liability?

For further details contact: Gerrit Davids:

Cell. 082 496 1657

E-mail: [email protected]


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