Tendering Masterclass: Cape Town

Fri Jul 19, 09:00 - Fri Jul 19, 16:30
Cape Town


Course Outline: Key Principles of Tendering: (Submitting Compliant Bids.)

Background: Designed for both SMME’s and Large Enterprises: The workshop focuses on how tenders are issued by government departments, how suppliers should compile and submit their bids. It also shares with delegates on how tenders are evaluated and awarded to the successful bidder.


Facilitator: Gerrit Davids

Delegates to the workshop will learn how to effectively complete “Responsive and Acceptable Bid-Documents”. 

Classroom exercises will show delegates how tenders are scored, giving them an insight on what takes place during the evaluation and adjudication stages of the tendering process.

Suppliers are also advised on how to claim incentive points under the Preferential Point Systems applicable to all tenders.

The SA tendering rules will soon change and contracts will be awarded based on the BBBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment) Status and the workshop will show suppliers how to effectively plan for these changes and not to lose out on available points during the scoring process of tenders.

Key Points covered in the Workshop: A Simplistic Approach to Submit Winning Tenders.

Tender Regulations: How You Must Comply with the Process.

– The different types of procurement processes i.e. Open vs. Closed Tenders.

– Submitting Responsive Bids, Valid Bids and how to avoid submitting invalid Bids.

– The differences between Request for Quotations (Purchases) and Tenders

– The three main Committees in the Tendering Process and their roles.

– Goals of Government Tendering and how it supports the 5 x Pillars of Procurement.

– Basic pieces of Legislation regulating tendering. What are your rights!

– Submitting Alternative Bids and Offers.

– Unsolicited Bids: How to submit bids without following the normal tendering procedures

– How to respond to a tender based on the Two Envelope System.

– Prohibitions: Who is allowed to tender? Defaulters & Restricted Suppliers.

– How to claim incentive points under the 90-10 / 80-20 Point Systems, respectively.

– How to claim your Preference Points? (single supplier, joint ventures and sub-contracting.)

– What are Firm & Non-Firm Prices and how does it affect your tender?

– Tax Clearance Certificates and other compliances as attachments to the bid-document.

– Key Principles of the PPPFA Regulations: including its application in relation to JV’s & Consortiums

Invitation of Bids: Functionality, Local Production & Content, Evaluation of Bids; Sub-Contracting; Evaluation of bids based on functionality as a Criterion; Optimising the Suppliers Preference Points’ Profile for Tender-Evaluation; Evaluation of Bids based on a Stipulated Minimum Threshold for Local Production & Content; Preference Point Systems, Evaluation of Bids that Scored equal points, Cancellation and Re-invitation of Bids; Awards of Contracts; Remedies to the state; Transitional Arrangements; etc.

Compiling the Tender: Facilitator’s Guidance on How to Complete Your Tender in a Compliant Manner

– Feedback & Assessment on Tendering Exercise

– Tender-Evaluation Exercises: – (How does government score your tender)

– How to Optimise your BBBEE Scorecard for Tendering Points

– The Do’s and Don’ts of Tendering

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