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Boo-Yah! presents The #UJMarketingFit Event powered by the University of Johannesburg, officially the most impactful marketing researchers in Africa to get businesses MarketingFit.

This is not just an event, this is an experience.

What is the #UJMarketingFit Event about?

Put the “Kapow” back into your marketing by experiencing some of the burning marketing issues through the eyes of your consumers and receive the inside knowledge from the “Tour de Force” speakers currently denting the universe in the business world.  Understand tomorrows problems, today!

How does this Event differentiate from other Marketing Events?

  • This is not an event, this is an experience. It is a pop up of experiences merging the physical, digital, emotional and sensorial experiences within the event through storytelling, scenarios, and creative speaker formats. 
  • This event will cut the crap. Break the “moulds”. Push the boundaries.
  • Cliches are banned and we will introduce “new mantras” to address tomorrows problems, Today. 
  • It will be about old ideas in a new way and new ideas in an old way.
  • We hand picked “Tour de Force” speakers that will guide the audience and shape the way they look at the challenges faced in the marketing and business arena. These cutting edge speakers will provide inside knowledge and fresh perspectives to empower marketers of the 21st century to feel inspired and excited to slay tomorrows challenges.

A glimpse of the "Tour de Force" speakers to expect 02 October.

A very excited line up to be announced in the press soon. Every Speaker will push the boundaries with thought provoking knowledge, and speakers will be challenged to break their own moulds of delivering their message to get the delegates #UJMarketingFit :

  • John Vlismas
  • Carmen Murray
  • Mike Sharman
  • Pepe Marais
  • Ingrid Lotze and Gavin Moffat
  • Mo Malele

Why should you attend?

1)To understand the changing roles of the Chief Marketing Officer and embrace the new transition for CMO’s to become CEO’s

2)Give marketers fresh perspectives and creative ideas to shake their way out of stale habits and thinking

3)Prepare marketers to be better equipped for the problems businesses face in the future, and their role in solving those challenges through better practices

4)Receive a better understanding to scale, simplify and synergise. Ideas to rethink the existing business models

5)Tricky challenges will be unpacked which include how businesses should respond to a woke society, the internal culture dilemma, diversity inclusion, data obesity, marketing myopia, MarTech overload, faux transformations to name a few

Who should attend the event?

We highly recommend that the following positions attend this event

1) CMO’s and C-Suites

2) Advertising agencies

3) Brand and Marketing Managers

4) Strategists

5) Customer experience and user experience specialist

6) Creative

7) Digital specialist

8) Corporate Communications

9) Media

10) Tech Enablers

11) Entrepreneurs

12) Marketing Consultants

13) Chief Information Officers

When and where?

UJ School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (STH)
Bunting Road 57
Auckland Park
South Africa

Wed 02 Oct 2019 at 8:00 AM (SAST)
Wed 02 Oct 2019 at 4:00 PM (SAST)

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