Ash Evans Media Training Workshop & Networking Cocktail Party

Thu Aug 15, 18:00 - Thu Sep 5, 20:00
Pernod Ricard Studio, Parking Level A, The Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village


The Ash Evans Workshops will give you a solid understanding of the importance of developing memorable key messages and pitches, the art of presentation skills, what to do in the face of a crisis, speaking to the media, on camera and in the spotlight, as well as equipping you with the tools necessary to communicate effectively to your investors and clients. If you’re in front of a camera, if you are in front of an audience, or in front of a microphone, this course is going to help you come across as your best. 

Included in your once off ticket price is: 4 Media training workshops, 4 tasting sessions with Pernod Ricard and 4 post-workshop cocktail parties, giving you the opportunity to network with other like minded businesswomen this women's month.

Your coach, Ash Evans, is an international TV Reporter, Media Trainer and Communications Specialist. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Master of Science in Communication from Lynn University in Florida, USA and a certificate in The Global Financial Crisis from Yale. She spent seven years living in the USA, where she worked in politics on Capitol Hill before returning to broadcasting at Al Jazeera in Washington DC, followed by her on camera role at CNBC Africa in Cape Town.

After years of interviewing individuals who struggled with on-camera performance, Ashlea founded The King's Speech to help train executives and business leaders on how to make the most of their media interviews and presentations. 

In 2019, she founded Ash Evans Co. a platform dedicated to equipping businesswomen and entrepreneurs with the skills they need to harness the full power of the media to their advantage.

Workshop Series: one evening per week, for 4 consecutive weeks.

The workshops are limited to 25 seats as there is an element of practical work and one-on-one coaching.

6pm - 8pm Workshop

8pm - 9:30pm Networking Cocktail Hour with canapès and snacks. There will be a Pernod Ricard Brand Ambassador curating cocktails for each workshop, as well as a range of other drinks.

Workshop 1: First Impressions

15 August 2019

Cocktail Pairing: Be Bubbly with Mumm Champagne

First impressions count, so what does your image say about your brand?

Whether you are polishing up for a new position, or you require some guidance on body language and image consulting, this interactive workshop will cover everything from voice development, breathing techniques, corporate etiquette, dressing for success and how to deliver a great elevator pitch.  

So join us, in the first step in creating a successful launch pad for you and your brand. 


Workshop 2: Presentation Skills

22 August 2019

Cocktail Pairing: A whisky for those nerves - Glenlivet 

First impressions count, but last impressions count more. How are your presentation skills? Are you TedX ready? 

We will teach you presentation techniques and insider secrets used by expert speakers. Learn how to create it, shape it and deliver it. And most importantly, learn the art of storytelling. 


While theory is important, we see great value in the on camera element: We bring a few of you up to present, and we will film, playback and critique - so you can see your mistakes and rectify them - bringing out your business leader influence with impact.

So join us at the Presentation Skills Workshop: Making your impression last. 


Workshop 3: Media Training

29 August 2019

Cocktail Pairing: Lose your inhibitions - Beefeater

One of the most terrifying experiences – doing a live interview. But as I tell all my clients, even the most media savvy individuals start out the same way. Practice makes perfect, and the more on camera experience you get, supported by our media training toolkit will ensure that you master the art of a media interview. So join us for the Ash Evans Media Training Workshop where Ash will give you all the insider tips and secrets to going on camera. We will cover everything from preparation, key messages, what to wear, where to look and what to expect. 

Workshop 4: Crisis Communications

5 September 2019

Cocktail Pairing: How to handle a crisis tastefully - Jamesons 

Warren Buffet once said, it takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it, if you think about that you will do things differently. So what happens when the headline is you? Potential crises are endless, but how you handle being in the line of fire, can either make or break your business. The key? To be prepared and that is what we are going to teach you in the Ash Evans Crisis Communications Workshop. So come and join me, and we will talk through things like: 

How to maintain your cool under pressure,

Delivering positive messages,

We will look at some case studies and give you the opportunity to be on camera and in the hot seat. 

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Ash Evans Media Training Workshop & Networking Cocktail Party
Pernod Ricard Studio, Parking Level A, The Cape Quarter Lifestyle Village
27 Somerset Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8051
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