Ultimate Branding

Mon Nov 18, 17:00 - Mon Nov 18, 19:00
Galata Bakery and Coffee

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IMAGE, PERCEPTION and POSITIONING can change one's destiny forever. It can make a person/organisation broke or rich in the blink of an eye. "They know you through their perception of you, they will position you where they think you belong".

Imagine how may people are in wrong positions financially, politically, socially, even spiritually because they sent wrong signals?

The understanding of self is often which is a huge mistake since it defines how you will understand others and how they will define others. Having learnt this the hard way as a young professional fresh out of college. I developed a strategy so that none of you will ever walk that path again.

I have mastered the art of self IMAGE, how it builds towards PERCEPTION and building to the ultimate POSITION that the society will give to you, your brand, product, service or company.

I am a firm believer that we all can't be entrepreneurs at once, but we all can exist as brands in our rights. That's why me and my partner (Galata) have come up with this event that will help you find your IMAGE, Build your PERCEPTION and Position yourself where you belong


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