Kick The Habit Campaign #UpliftMyHood #KTHC

Sat Aug 31, 09:00 - Sat Aug 31, 17:00
Eersterust Soccer Field


The ManHers Mentorship and Entrepreneurship Initiative & OverDoseĀ® Urban Apparel will be hosting a day filled with fun for all families & friends.

Let us as one family, brothers and sisters breaking the stigma against Drug addiction and drug abuse by coming together supporting one another to overcome this epidemic, saving our children from the widespread concern.

A soccer event (trophies, medals & prizes to be won) kicking the habit against Drug Abuse and addiction raising awareness amongst our communities.

Let us unite, not as colour, not as culture, but as individuals with talent, artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, mentors, people with one dream, one vision, one goal with the unstoppable fire we have, giving our "Generation Next" a fighting chance to overcome their fears, the unknowns, their vision stoppers and their dream haters by just placing more faith and belief in themselves to become anything they want in this world. " The future is for anyone who is ready to fight for it and that is what we are here to do, to create that opportunity for those who want it!!! 

There will be food, art, clothing & apparel merchandise available to purchase.

Please come and support the initiative.

NB. All exhibition stands will be on a soccer field and will need to ensure that they have their own gazebos and chairs. Stands are 3 x 3 and tables will be provided.


Kick The Habit Campaign #UpliftMyHood #KTHC
Eersterust Soccer Field
Eersterust, Pretoria, 0022
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