An Ethical Hacker Meets a Cybersecurity Expert

Thu Oct 24, 18:00 - Thu Oct 24, 21:00

Inner City Ideas Cartel Auditorium


Watch a 16 year old hack into your firm and then learn from a cybersecurity expert in how to prevent it.

The Futures Faculty is hosting Marcus Weinberger from the UK. Marcus is a self-taught ethical hacker who can hack into your firm, right there on stage. Cybersecurity breaches and unauthorised access to sensitive personal data is our worst nightmare.

What are you doing to protect your and your client’s information?

Marcus’s onstage hacking demo will be followed by Cobus Jooste, a lecturer from the Univesrity of Stellenbosch, who will help us navigate ourselves to safety.

The event is followed by wine and a harvest table. 

More about Cobus Jooste:

Cobus is lecturer of Internet Law (Mercantile Law), Information Technology Law and Intellectual Property in the Digital Environment [eIP Law] (LLM) at the University of Stellenbosch as well as a Fellow of the Anton Mostert Chair of Intellectual Property, a member of the IP Unit and serves as a technology law consultant at Werksman Inc.

Cobus primary interest lies in law in the digital environment and the regulation and security of non-literal elements of computer software.

Cobus has published several articles on intellectual property, ICT law and EIP Law and contributes to the Intellectual Property Law Short Course, presented by the University of Stellenbosch and the IP Unit of the University of Cape Town.

More about Marcus Weinberger:

Marcus is an ethical hacker who, in his spare time, enjoys finding vulnerabilities in technology. Given his relatively young age and experience, he considers himself a beginner; nevertheless, he has achieved a level of knowledge, skill, and understanding that enables him to execute sophisticated penetration testing, security assessments, and audits.

Marcus also is a self-taught programmer and has written various programs and tools which he leverages in his work. He recently presented a session at the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) 2018 LegalSEC conference in Arlington, Virginia, where he gave a live demonstration of various security vulnerabilities. He was subsequently invited to deliver an encore presentation of that session at ILTA’s annual conference, ILTACON 2018.


An Ethical Hacker Meets a Cybersecurity Expert
Inner City Ideas Cartel Auditorium
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