Mail & Guardian Masterclass on Workplace diversity & inclusion

Fri Jul 19, 08:30 - Fri Jul 19, 15:30
Glenhove Conference Centre

Today, the workplace is a melting pot of diverse races, cultures, values, beliefs, behaviours and languages.

Diversity and Inclusion Go Hand-In-Hand

How are diversity and inclusion different then? Diversity is the who, what and about the ways which employees are unique and different from each other in an organisation. Inclusion, on the other hand, is about how we act. It is about recognising, respecting, valuing and leveraging diversity in a way that enhances one’s perspective or point of view.

It is a fact that employees of all backgrounds who feel welcome and supported in bringing their authentic selves to work are more engaged, productive and committed to an organisation’s mission and goals. In this regard, diversity and inclusion initiatives within organisations should form part of an overall business strategy to ensure its long-term sustainability.

So, how does one effectively manage diversity and inclusion in the workplace and what are the best approaches to manage the following challenges and dilemmas in the workplace?

·      Cultural and diversity conflicts

·      Personality and values clashes

·      Discrimination, prejudices and stereotypes

·      Racial, religious and ethnicity

·      Gender equity

·      Sexual orientations

·      Citizenships

·      Abilities and disabilities

·      Age differences, millennial and generational gaps

·      Titles and levels

·      Poor workplace relationships

·      Poor team work

·      Negativity

·      Intolerance and ignorance

·      Bad attitudes and behaviours

·      Gossip, back mouthing, back stabbing and infighting

·      Misunderstandings and miscommunications

·      Lack of professionalism and accountability

·      Lack of productivity

·      Excessive absenteeism

·      Workplace disputes

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Agenda, learning outcomes and benefits include
  • Master the art of connecting and communication with diverse individuals
  • Embrace and galvanise diversity of voices, identities and abilities
  • Build communication, unity, openness, trust, inclusivity, respect and teamwork in diverse teams
  • Understand how to respect people in the way they wish to be respected without changing who you are
  • Recognise the subtle differences of body language, tone, eye-contact, communication styles and expectations of people from various cultures, religions and backgrounds
  • Know yourself, know others! Connect at a deeper level by openly sharing your wisdom, knowledge and experience that is unique to your life and lifestyle
  • Learn from each other, what is relevant and current according to the ever-evolving human behavioural traits, worldwide.
  • Understand how African Principles of Leadership can powerfully impact your team to feel included and become solution focussed
  • Within 15 minutes, learn how to resolve conflict before it becomes the typical “race card” excuse
  • Ensure harmony, promote collaboration and tolerance in organisation
  • Harness great talent and potential of teams
  • Ultimately build cohesive teams with positive attitude, improved productivity which will lead to increased business bottom-line

Arthie Moore

Founder & Director
Ki Leadership Institute and Co-Founder of Celebrating Humanity International
Glenhove Conference Centre
52 Glenhove Road
Melrose Estate
Tel: 011 442 3601


Mail & Guardian Masterclass on Workplace diversity & inclusion
Glenhove Conference Centre
114 Grayston Dr, Sandown, Sandton, 2031, South Africa
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