Hedgecraft- herbal folklore and magic

Sat Nov 23, 09:00 - Sat Nov 23, 13:00
Soil For Life


Join The Wild Love for a magical herbal experience.

What is hedgecraft? It is the practice of wortcunning (Knowing plants not just by their botany but by their magical properties). A hedgewitch practices European witchcraft or "Old World" craft but pulls knowledge from the area she lives in. Therefore we will be focusing on European and African folk magic. You will learn how to craft your own folk preparations that our European and African ancestors used to make to treat common ailments and for magical work.

This 4 hour workshop is going to be a fun, informative and hands-on workshop where you will get to take home the products you make during the course of the day.


*Learn the medicinal and magical properties of each plant

* Make one herbal elixir and a talisman (luck and protection charm) and learn how to empower it.

*Medicinal tisanes to drink during the class

*Everyone goes home with their creations

*Enjoy some light snacks made from nutrient dense wild foraged foods after the workshop

What to bring:

Good vibes and a curious mind

An item (such as a stone, shell, photo or other personal item to use in your talisman)

*note pad and pen- optional (I will email all info to you afterwards)

I will provide all other materials needed

Time: 9:00-13:00

Place: Soil for Life

Refund policy: We are a very small business and we rely on tuition payments in order to teach our workshops. We can't buy materials or pay our bills without it! We cannot issue refunds for tuition payments unless you suffer a serious personal or family emergency that renders you incapable of attending.

This event will be cancelled if we don't reach the minimum of 10 guests. So please share with your friends and lets make this happen!

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Refund policy No refunds


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