Zamar Live Performance

Sat Aug 31, 19:00 - Sat Aug 31, 22:30
D'Aria Function Venue


BELL EVENTS will be hosting a live performance by the band ZAMAR at 7pm - together with a dinner at the venue D’Aria, Durbanville.

Book a table for your Friends & Family or a table for your Corporate event for your Personnel and/or Colleagues.

The ticket price includes:

  • Show by ZAMAR
  • Buffet menu and a glass of wine. 

Cash bar will also be available.

Write up:

ZAMAR was founded in the heart of Stellenbosch when energetic young musicians from across the country (and the world…), equally passionate about their music, came together to create a style which is both traditional and cosmopolitan.

Consisting of 5 highly talented and skilled male and female musicians, Zamar, which means ‘to celebrate with the plucking of strings,’ was meant to be a runaway success. This vibrant group is Veronica Bell (vocals & violin), Monika Stuchlik (accordion and other instruments), Heinie Jack( bass), Philip Vermeulen (guitar) and Ronald Siegelaar (drummer).

During their performance they take you on a tour around the world, visiting many different countries - you will experience everything from Gypsy to Jazz!

Their program includes: Popular Light Classical music, Hungarian Rhapsodies, Ukrainian Folk Melodies, South American Tangos, Irish Folk Music, Traditional African Songs, Contemporary Classics and much more. During their performance they take you on a tour around the world, visiting many different countries, and you will experience everything from Cape to Cairo!


World Music band ZAMAR came to entertain us at our monthly concert on a Sunday afternoon in Constantia. Their act was so sensational I would recommend them to anybody.

Veronica Bell is one of the most phenomenal violinists in the country and she has found a kindred spirit in accordionist Monika Stuchlik, who matches her in passion, delight and technique. Veronica throws herself into her music with verve and commitment as if her life depends on it. Her bow has so many broken horse hairs after a few items, she has to swap it for another!

Led by these two glamorous and ebullient ladies, the five piece band takes you on a breathless, dynamic ride through their varied programme that includes Vivaldi, Irish and Hebrew folk tunes, Karl Jenkins and Piazzolla. Veronica and Monika not only play their instruments to a dazzling degree, they also sing, play pennywhistle and other 'surprising instruments'. The feeling you get is that they take entertaining you totally seriously, have considered every last detail, and in performance pull out every conceivable stop they can find to amaze and delight you.

The rhythm section comprises three silent and suave men: Ronald Siegelaar (drums), Heinie Jack (bass) and Philip Vermeulen (guitar) who are as steady and tight as a ship, providing a reliable backdrop for the two ladies to strut their stuff. The band brought their own sound equipment and dedicated sound team, providing state-of-the-art amplification that never overwhelmed. So many patrons left with complimentary things to say.

South Africa has its own Gypsy Kings : its called ZAMAR!

Matthew Reid – Concert Organizer

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