Parenting & Patience

Sat Aug 31, 09:30 - Sat Aug 31, 12:30
VKBC Johannesburg


It is easy to feel overwhelmed parenting in these busy and challenging times, many parents do. But you can learn to engage with your children with more patience and love and create a happier home life.

Our lives today are very pressurised, and many parents feel stressed and anxious trying to provide for their family’s needs. There is a lot of information available on how to parent, but this often leaves us feeling inadequate and less than confident in our abilities.

Learning to apply simple meditation techniques, developing a calm and peaceful mind, learning to trust our love and grow our wisdom, we can learn to create a more harmonious family life.

In this course, Laurie will use her experience as a parent and teacher and Buddha’s time-tested teachings to share insights that you can use right now, to help you and your family be happy, healthy and positive. The course will include a talk, guided meditations and time for discussion.


Parenting & Patience
VKBC Johannesburg
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