Unhcegila in Flames: An Artwork and Sound stage by Cobracabana

Fri May 10, 10:00 - Fri May 1, 10:00

Event is online


Who the heck are we? People with a dream. A really, big dream...

One day late in 2018, we woke up with a collective hallucination of a huge wooden snake, rearing out of the desert, its tail forming a dance floor, being played by the finest DJs we knew and all the ones we didn't know, music for the love of it, while we and the wonderful people of Afrikaburn danced till we dropped before it, burning it all down and leaving the desert.

And then we made it real: when we heard the theme was Ephemeropolis, we knew the time was right to build and then burn. Welcome to UNHCEGILA IN FLAMES, a REALLY BIG SNAKE

Like, really big...7m tall, 9m wide at the base of the head, with an integrated sound stage, a horde of DJs hailing from Berlin, Paris, Cape Town, a techno heart, a deep house soul, raging throughout the night and beyond until it is torched and goes up in a blaze which will be seen across the playa. 


P.S. We are FUNDRAISING! If you feel generous, or moved, or just really want to see a huge snake, we encourage, beg, get down on our knees, promise you wine and massages - whatever it takes - to submit whatever you can, even if it's only 50 ZAR, to this pool. If we make enough money we could fit it with lasers! Thank you in advance!

WATCH THIS VIDEO, to understand how it will look on the playa: https://youtu.be/YPmp4BL80hA

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ABcobracabana

Thank you in advance for anything you gift. See you in the dust!