Heaven in Healthcare 2019

Fri Jun 21, 16:00 - Sat Jun 22, 16:45
Hillside Campus

About the conference.

Imagine a Health Service where heaven’s limitless resources are freely accessed bringing the love, power and wisdom of God into the Healthcare equation. Imagine healthcare workers feeling encouraged, enabled, supported, empowered and envisioned. Imagine God-given dreams coming true.

This conference is intended primarily for healthcare professionals and those who have worked or are training to work in healthcare. It aims to present an integrative approach to faith and practice and to provide a networking platform for healthcare workers to find and encourage one another.

We would love you to be immersed in our whole programme that covers many challenging aspects of life as a healthcare professional, but we appreciate that you have a busy practice and many responsibilities and so we have tried to make our registration options as flexible as possible.

3 clinical CPD points have been allocated - 1 each for the Friday breakfast at Hillcrest hospital and for sessions 6 and 7.

If you would like to attend specific sessions only, you can register at the door and pay upfront using cash, or our zapper facilities. The sessions are as follows:

Full Conference - R600

Friday evening - R150

Saturday morning - R250 

Saturday afternoon - R250

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Friday, June 21 - Friday, June 21
06:30 - Free Pre-conference CPD breakfast sponsored by Busamed Hillcrest Hospital - (1 clinical CPD point.) - Register Here
16:00 - Registration & Tea
16:30 - Session 1: "What is heaven in healthcare? Breaking the sacred/secular divide." Dr. Pete Carter.
17:45 - Supper (on site)
19:00 - Session 2: Worship and Keynote "A river that gives life 1: owning our ecosystem." Dr. Pete Carter.
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Saturday, June 22 - Saturday, June 22
08:00 - Registration & Tea.
08:30Session 3: "Discipling the nation through cultural transformation." Dr. Richard Lawton (Pastor of Hillside.)
09:15Session 4: "A culture of honour in healthcare." Dr. Liz Lunt.
10:00 - Tea & snacks.
10:30Session 5 "A river that gives life 2: faith, unbelief and disappointment." Dr. Pete Carter.
11:15 - Session 6: "Contending for our male colleagues." Workshop and Panel discussion. Co-hosted by Dr. Conrad Pretorius and Dr. Chris Nurse with Dr. Andrew Pickford, Dr. Cliff Allwood and Mr. Alf Henery. (1 Clinical CPD point)
12:00 - Ministry time (optional for delegates)
12:30 - Lunch (on site).
13:30 - Session 7: "Thinking differently: new models of healthcare
provision" Dr. Liz Lunt (1 Clinical CPD point)
14:15 - Session 8: "Calling on the resources of heaven: stories of
healing." Mrs. Jill Lawton (Connection Centre, Hillside.)
15:00 - Tea & snacks.
15:30 - Session 9: "A river that gives life 3: good news globally - HIH
around the world." Dr Pete Carter.
16:15 - Q & A Panel: Dr. Pete Carter, Dr. Liz Lunt, Dr Sue Ford, Dr.
Richard Lawton
16:45 - End
Dr. Pete Carter qualified from Bristol University, UK in 1982 and worked in hospital medicine for 4 years before training in General Practice. He became a partner in General Practice in 1987   in a very busy suburban setting in an area with a lot of social deprivation. Alongside this in 1988 Pete started to lead a small church of 25 adults and 10 children; as this church continued to grow, in July 1991 he reduced his hours in general practice to spend more time leading the church, and then in March 1994 Pete gave up his GP partnership to release even more time; he continued to do sessional GP work until November 2016.

Pete has overseen the growth and development of Eastgate church over the past 30 years from a small group into a relatively large and influential body of people from all walks of life, now numbering about 900 people (www.eastgate.org.uk). He has overseen the "Eastgate" building project from its inception up until the present day reality of a thriving centre of activity for Christian worship alongside community development and enrichment.
Pete has always had a passion to see great medicine supplemented by the resources of Christianity especially in the area of Healing. He is now leading the development of “Heaven in Healthcare” a supportive and equipping network for Christians working in any aspect of healthcare.

Dr. Elizabeth Lunt works in South East London as a GP as a part of a team of 8 doctors, 5 nurses and 3 Health care assistants serving a population of 11 000 patients. She is also a DGS federation director and lead for local care; and the clinical lead for Ebbsfleet: healthy new town project. Her interest is in mental health and health prevention. She has also worked in commissioning healthcare over the last 10 years, being initially involved with the roll out of improving access to psychological therapies in Kent.  She is a Christian and involved in the Healing Center at Eastgate.  She is by nature an explorer who likes to travel and walk in the mountains, but who also wants to explore new ideas and ways of doing things that truly meet people’s needs. Medicine is a wonderful gift and an important science but we have also over-medicalised people’s needs and she is passionate about exploring ways that communities can thrive.

She trained at the University of Cape Town, graduating in 1996. Following in the footsteps of generations of family before her, she moved back to the United Kingdom. There she trained as a GP and met her husband. Together they formed a jazz band, raising money for local charities. 

Dr Andrew Pickford graduated with MBBS from Stellenbosch 1985 and also holds diplomas in Emergency Medicine and Public Health. He obtained a theology degree, B.Th., from the University of Zululand in 2000 and his specialisation in Psychiatry, D.M.H 2010 and F.C. Psychiatry 2013 from the Colleges of Medicine, South Africa. He practiced as a G.P. at Riverview Manor in Underberg from 2001 - 2009 and is currently a psychiatrist in private practice, working from the Akeso Clinic in Pietermaritzberg and the Oatlands Care Centre in Howick.

Dr Clifford Allwood is a child psychiatrist who currently practices from the Akeso Clinic in Pietermaritzburg.

Mr Alf Henery started his corporate career In Gauteng as a Quality Engineer but after studying and obtaining his B.Min. degree and a Post Grad. Dipl. in Functional Therapy, he went into fulltime ministry as senior pastor of numerous congregations. He also worked as a senior counselor at a Rehabilitation Centre in the Vaal Triangle. He currently resides in the Hillcrest area with his wife where he is a Counselor and Coach at Careline Crisis and Trauma Centre. Since 2003 he has been involved with the Perspective Training College (PTC), and is currently the Dean of their KwaZulu Natal Campus. He is registered with the International Coaching Register and PTC is registered as a training centre for COMENSA.

Dr. Christian Nurse is an anaesthesiologist at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital. He has an interest in echocardiography and is in an academic environment where he enjoys teaching registrars and students.

Dr. Conrad Pretorius is a local GP who has lived in Hillcrest since 2005. He spends most of his working time in various surgical theatres in and around Durban, mainly assisting with Neuro-spine procedures. He is a bold counselor who loves bringing a timely word of encouragement and contending for the hearts and minds of people - for fullness of life in Christ.

Sue Ford is a South African G.P. in private practice. She qualified at the University of Cape town in ‘98 and worked in McCords hospital Durban and Kosi Bay hospital before relocating to U.K. where she studied for a further 3 years post graduate General Practice degree at Cambridge University. She lived and worked for several years as a family GP in Cambridge before returning to South Africa in 2009. Since February 2015 she has practised at the Femina Health Clinic in Kloof, KZN and has a special interest in women’s health as well as family medicine. She believes not only in treating the specific illness but in helping the entire person in a holistic manner.

Dr. Richard Lawton (not a medical doctor!) is the Senior Pastor of Hillside Church since 1997. He has a doctorate in theoretical chemistry from Oxford University and originally came to South Africa in 1985 as an industrial chemist, working for Coates Brothers in Prospecton. He obtained an M.B.L from UNISA, with a thesis on the competitive advantage of nations, but his real passion is to see the nation transformed by cultural reformation. He also has an M.Phil in practical theology from Pretoria University and is the leader of a church revival movement called House Without Walls.

Mrs. Jill Lawton is also part of the core leadership team at Hillside church. She has a Masters in educational psychology (UKZN) and an M-Phil in practical theology (Pretoria) and oversees the Connection Centre, a healing and counselling ministry pioneered by Hillside, which is open to the community. She is also on the management board of iKusasalethu, a PBO bringing hope and upliftment to young people in the Valley of a Thousand Hills through schools projects, youth clubs and sports teams in disadvantaged communities.


Heaven in Healthcare "Partnering with the Community"

Liz Lunt is a GP partner working in North Kent, U.K., in a community that has high levels of multi-morbidity and chronic disease. She has also been a clinical lead in healthcare commissioning and the delivery of services to create a "healthy city" in partnership with government health services and local communities. She has seen the increasing demand for healthcare and limited healthcare resources lead to healthcare professionals facing increasing levels of burnout. She addresses the issue of whether a better relationship and partnership with the local community can help to prevent this burnout and lead to better delivery of care. (1 clinical CPD point allocated.)

You can register for the breakfast here. Click Here To Register.

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This event has been kindly Sponsored by Busamed Hillcrest and will be hosted in the Training room at Busamed Private Hospital, Kassier road, Hillcrest.


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Heaven in Healthcare 2019
Hillside Campus
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