Let us Step-Up To Cancer. Minimum = 1 Million Steps.
Family friendly

Step-Up To Cancer (Million Steps For Cancer Awareness)

Wed Nov 1, 18:00 - Thu Nov 30, 23:59

Virtual Event


Having loved ones directly and indirectly affected by Cancer, we decided to partner with other organizations, corporates and supporters who wish to escalate the issue of Cancer Awareness, to reach millions of people. We live in society that is affected by many diseases, and the least we could do, is make sure our people are aware of the dangers of these diseases.


As from 1 November 2023, we embark on a journey to raise funds to assist people who are directly or indirectly affected by cancer, and who cannot afford their medical expenses, basic needs and essentials. We will raise funds, by walking a minimum of 1 Million steps in just a month. This initiative will actually encourage people to go the right direction of caring for their bodies, being active and eating healthy.


This is a challenge for a healthy lifestyle, let us do it. Let us see how far we can go. We hope to go over a million and hope to get enough support from our supporters.




There are huge health benefits when you commit to walking everyday, for example:-

·      Improving your fitness.

·      Improve your mental health.

·      Lowering your blood pressure

·      Assisting with blood circulation.


In November 2023, the cancers we draw awareness attention to are:-


*    Stomach/Gastric Cancer

*    Lung Cancer

*    Pancreatic Cancer

*    Neuroendocrine/Carcinoid Cancer

*    And we also honor the caregivers.


Let us make a difference.


¯ Those who cannot walk, can simply make a donation of R200-00 or more, which will help us to reach our target.

¯ Alternatively, you can donate a ticket to someone who will be able to walk the steps on your behalf, and together, you will make a difference.



To those who need to apply for assistance by this programme, please send us an email to [email protected], to apply.