Pulse Networking and Coaching Event for Entrepreneurs and Investors JHB

Sat Jul 27, 09:00 - Sat Jul 27, 13:00


Networking synergy and coaching event for entrepreneurs and investors.

Get connected with like minded individuals and learn from industry leaders who have achieved massive success.

What you can expect?

- Social networking opportunity

- A brief introduction to your business

- Short but powerful insights from industry specialists.

- Prizes to the value of R50, 000.00

Who should attend?

Start-up, intermediary and advanced entrepreneurs

Need help establishing your business online? We got you covered!

Upcoming leaders in organisations

Wealth conscious individuals looking for solutions to wealth

Property investors ranging from aspiring investors to established advanced property investors looking for diversification tools.

Financial market traders ranging from day traders to conservative long term investors


9:00 Welcome and networking

9:30 Talks by specialists

11:00 Tea

11:15 20 Delegates get to showcase their business and attract leads

12:00 Talks by specialists

Speakers and topics

Hannes Dupper (Business startup specialist) – Three easy step wealth plan for success!

Björn Luciano Salsone (Entrepreneur & Social Media Brand Influencer) - How to Brand Yourself using Social Media effectively.

Edward Naphambo (Business Improvement Specialist) - Dinosaurs became extinct, turtles survived - Why Business Improvement is Important.

Lisa Marais (International NLP and life coach) - The world IS your Oyster... But ONLY IF you find the Pearl.

Shaul Rabin (Multi million serial entrepreneur) - An Extreme entrepreneurial journey. The rocky road to success!

Patrick Ngondwane (Property Market Specialist) - How to buy a property if you don’t qualify for a bond.


We ask R 100 donation to cover the venue cost

*Pre-booking is required

Executive speakers:

Hannes Dupper

Hannes Dupper is co-founder of DJV Group and in his current role as Managing Director of DJV Group aims to manage a team of enthusiastic and skilled mentors and affiliates stimulating financial change around the world.

His vision is to create a platform that will facilitate financial growth for entrepreneurs and investors from all walks of life.

Hannes has successfully completed a BCom degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Pretoria and is currently working on a MBA in leadership and management from York St Johns University in London.

He is an eager start up facilitator and has started many companies without any money. Hannes also has extensive experience in project turnaround management with great success.

Björn L. Salsone

Björn Luciano Salsone is a much sought-after MC, Speaker on Leadership, Marketing and Networking; an Entrepreneur & Social Media Brand Influencer. He has been a business owner since 2010 having had various business’s in the Financial & Hospitality Sectors and now in The Marketing and Brand Building Arenas.

Björn has appeared on many TV and Radio Shows apart from other media forms. He is passionate about helping businesses and NGO’s succeed in their local community. He the Creative Director at TNC Marketing and PR which is over 3 years old and has worked with many clients including the likes of John Kehoe (Mind Power), contributing acts for Whitney Houhston, Freddie Mercury, Tina Turner as well as with local brands like Clover and Kit Kat.

Björn is also a BNI Director for Johannesburg overseeing the areas from Melrose Arch to Alberton via Linksfield.

He has been part of the organisation for 9 years and what started as journey of learning, self-discovery, growth resulted in his move to Johannesburg to become the Regional Director for an area that 4 people before him could not get started. The average seat value is R40 000 per member per month.

He can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook with the handle @bjornsalsone so do give him a follow!

Björn believes in the philosophy of paying it forward and I quote: ‘As South African’s we can either complain about something or be the change we want to see, you choose!’ Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together as I give you Mr Björn Luciano Salsone.

Shaul Rabin

Mr. Rabin has been the Managing Director at Filta Enviromental Group since October of 2015 to the present day. Formerly, acting as Aquazania’s Sales Director for a formidable 14 years. He is an absolute strategic visionary. Anchoring his strategies in the understanding of consumers’ wants and needs. Mr. Rabin successfully made Mr Delivery Midrand the most successful branch in 1999.

In his 25 years in business, he has undoubtable mastered many Professional skills. He is masterful in solving complex problems and making decisions quickly and effectively. Managing and delegating tasks at a high level of business. 

As a Managing Director his communication and negotiation skills are at an expert level.

He successfully focussed his business towards growth, profits and increasing shareholder returns on investment.

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Pulse Networking and Coaching Event for Entrepreneurs and Investors JHB
Leeuwkop Rd, Sunninghill, Johannesburg, 2157
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