Fast Track Your Property Success Workshop - 06 July

Sat Jul 6, 09:30 - Sat Jul 6, 15:15
Forever Resorts Hotel Centurion


When: Saturday the 6th July 2019

Time: Registration starts at 8h30. Event starts at 9h30.


  1. Find out what the number one tool is that I refuse to operate without.
  2. What the three clauses are that I add to any Offer To Purchase to protect my rights, not the rights of dubious agents and sellers.
  3. Practical case studies on how you buy properties below market value without going to auctions.
  4. Ask questions that are relevant to your current property investment experiences.


Reserve your seat and attend the Event & get a free copy Alex Dube's book "Pay No Tax Get More Money The Spiral Of Property Wealth" valued at R199:

*We love Property Investments and we believe that you should invest in your knowledge and education to become a property master.

*You can be guaranteed that there will be NO SELLING or MARKETING whatsoever of properties at the masterclass and thereafter.

ThePropertyCoach helps property investors and first time home buyers, fast track their property success whilst mitigating risk and avoiding unnecessary mistakes. At the Masterclass on How To Buy Below Market value you will get:

  1. The three reasons why you are currently not finding deals below market value
  2. The exact strategies I am using to find a large numbers of Deals below Market Value
  3. The reason why you should avoid auctions
  4. Four Fast Track Tips to your first "20% below market value" deal


This Event is guaranteed to improve forever the way you buy properties and negotiate deals. But don't take my word for it.

*We don't offer any direct or indirect financial and/or non-financial incentive to any of the students being interviewed.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will the Event last?

The Event is 9:30 to 4pm

Will you sell properties at the workshop or thereafter?

No. We are a specialized independent provider of property education, coaching, mentoring and success tools. We are 100% independent of any real estate agency or financial services provider. We believe in “teaching you how to fish” not to “give you a fish”

How interactive is the Event? 

The workshop is designed to be highly interactive with plenty of Time for you to ask questions around your current reality. 

Will there be free parking and refreshments?

Yes there will be free parking and refreshments available at the event. 

What should I do to prepare?

No specific preparation is required but we strongly recommend that you bring a pen and paper to take notes and be able to work on some of the assignments.

Can I bring a business partner or friend?

Yes, simply ask them to register for the Event

Will I have to buy anything?

No. You are not required to purchase anything.

What time will we start?

Registration open at 8:30am, and the event kicks off at 9h30. 

What if I cannot make this date?

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Fast Track Your Property Success Workshop - 06 July
Forever Resorts Hotel Centurion
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