Girls just wanna have FUNDS | Lets chat FINANCE | Future Females Johannesburg

Thu May 30, 18:00 - Thu May 30, 21:00


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. --Benjamin Franklin

Is money your LEAST favourite topic, and you avoid talking about it at all costs (excuse the pun) ?

Or maybe it's your favourite topic and you love to talk about it?!

Join us as we learn with the best in the business and the Finance world

As much as we might not want to talk about this topic, it is an important one, both for our business and our personal lives. We are looking forward to hearing the insights from our two speakers about how to effective manage our finances, and also feel more confident about having these money conversations.

Join us on Wednesday 30th May as we listen to our expert speakers, in the beautiful Bowl'd space, with a glass of Finery Gin & and Fitch and Leeds Tonic on hand,

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