Vortex Open Source 2021

Thu Dec 9, 09:00 - Mon Dec 13, 00:00
Circle of Life, Stormsvlei



We hope that you are well & safe in these crazy times. The purpose of this communication is to let you know how Coronavirus is affecting our community, to make you aware of what lies behind the production of a festival, to fully explain the severity of the situation we face & the possible consequences for our future. 

We feel that we have no other logical option but to postpone Open Source to 09-13 December 2021. The reality of being able to host a large public gathering in 2020 is fast approaching the impossible, in terms of health, safety, licensing & zoning. Trance’s strength in South Africa has been by maintaining an integral core belief in the responsible community. It represents the way of life that it teaches & by striving for as safe of a festival environment as humanly possible. 

By gathering peacefully & safely for so many years previously we have ensured the protection of our right to keep dancing. This fundamental belief core of Vortex is vital for the promotion of Trance into the Future as a safe viable form of entertainment. Together let’s keep Trance safe by continuing with a responsible attitude & avoid any actions that could threaten our already controversial gatherings, as seen by those who view us but don’t understand our culture.

With the threat of Covid19 new territory for the entire planet, a sense of responsibility towards our community was the only guideline left in the final decision-making process to postpone. In our experience, too many “what if’s” are never a good way to safely attempt a large 5-day public gathering, at the best of times, never mind during a world crisis… 

The decision to postpone was one of the hardest things ever. It is our Birthday & we have done a party on this date for 27 years, making it one of the longest-standing festivals in the world. This is the first time in our history they have stopped our beat & we all know the beat must go on. 

We rely on a mix of local & international travellers who attend that are most likely unable to travel during these lockdown times. By postponing this will leave us all 18 months to plan for Open Source 2021. Longer pre-production time ahead is exciting & offers plenty of opportunities to develop our new festival home even more. As always we promise you a mind-blowing Psychedelic Adventure in a truly unique & special location. 

We remain committed to safeguarding our Trance community by diligently working on a way forward to be able to gather safely & dance in freedom again. This will need heightened community understanding & cooperation to create a response plan that we hope will lay a foundation for a healthy, safe, future for Trance & protect our legacy to the Psychedelic Trance Community. 

In this historic & unprecedented lockdown of the world one thing is sure, we have FAITH that we will dance again under the stars at the Circle of Life. The BEAT will go on. We, just as always, need to TRUST IN TRANCE. Your support inspires us to continue to create magical experiences year in and year out. Together we will continue into the future. You can help us in the meantime by buying your Vortex Open Source 2021 ticket with faith, or by donation via our fundraiser:

HOW YOU CAN HELP VORTEX - : https://www.quicket.co.za/fundraisers/109212-how-you-can-help-vortex/

In Love, Light, Faith & Trust

The Vortex Crew

VORTEX OPEN SOURCE 2021, 9th - 13th DECEMBER 2021 - One Energy – One Heartbeat – One Love

No being ever steps in the same river twice... Like the water's ebb and flow we are constantly evolving. The River is one of the symbols of the great flow of life & lives totally in the moment, neither in the past nor the future, always flowing. It begins at the Source & Returns To The Source.

It is time to once again celebrate the summer solstice with an all-encompassing psychedelic experience through music, art and dance - A gathering of the Tribe from all corners of Mother Earth. For five days, step into the Vortex, a kaleidoscope of color, vibe & energy.


Enjoy three music arenas, hidden in the magical forest, that will take you on musical journeys weaving through the rhythms & melodies of the "Circle" dance floor’s Psy-Trance, foot-grooving Psy-Tech & techno in the “Headspace” or soul-shifting, holistic, ambient mysticism in the “HeartSpace”.

VENUE - Circle of Life, Stormsvlei

Follow the flow of the rivers, cross little bridges where you will find the Ravi Yoga & Healing Sanctuary or the Beehive which will keep you busy with various workshops, flow arts, art exhibitions, transformative talks and more, all nestled between majestic trees. At Night you can gather around the fire pits and indulge your eyes on the intricate Fire & L ED performances.

Utilize the ferry to cross the river for the ride of your life and visit the Bluegum Restaurant for a sit-down meal or chillax on the lush, green grass, overlooking the buzzing Beehive and Circle dance floor, or just wander through the Food Market area which caters for every dietary need. Don’t forget to take a gander while you meander through our traders' market which showcases beautifully handcrafted trinkets, clothing and more.

RIGHT OF ADMISSION RESERVED. The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles & belongings resulting from any cause whatsoever. Due care has been taken to make this event safe & secure. Participation at event is entirely at your own risk. No glass, fire arms or illegal substances.

Visit our website for all Festival information & Sign up for our NEWSOURCE Trance Letter - https://vortextranceadventures.co.za/open-source/

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Vortex Open Source 2021
Circle of Life, Stormsvlei
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