Mastering Digital: The Social Media Toolkit | Future Females Winelands

Tue May 7, 18:00 - Tue May 7, 20:00
Workshop17 Tabakhuis


Navigating the digital highways can be quite a challenge...Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, the WolrdWideWeb. Face it: we can all do with a road map on how to optimise our access and activities on these platforms to create interest, traction and sustainability for our entrepreneurial ventures. But how do you sort through the myriad of information, tools, networks and rules (spoken and implied)? 

Come and join the Future Females Winelands Chapter in Paarl on 7 May 2019 at Workshop17 Tabakhuis and learn from an expert in the Digital Marketing space as she shares her knowledge and experience in putting together the right toolbox for your digital strategy to unleash unlimited potential for your business. The phenomenal Amanda Louw Bester, founder of Pragmattica and expert in programmatic advertising, digital business strategies and social media will show us the way. She will share with you some strategies and practical applications in social media to reach the millions of users on the difference platforms.

We are also delighted to share the story behind the startup of one of our communities own success stories. Come and experience the inspiration, motivation and purpose of this female led business. The first of our 'Start-up Stories': Katika and the powerhouse Katli Ngwane, Director and passionate entrepreneur, will share there founding challenges and the unprecedented success that their hard work, commitment and belief in their business has brought them over the first months of starting up. They run their budding empire from Workshop17 Tabakhuis in Paarl, our awesome partner and venue sponsor.

Excited? So are we! Please grab your tickets now using this link and we'll see you there! 



Future Females is a global community of female entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to take their future into their hands, learn the hard skills about business and the soft skills to drive it. We are creating creators!!

The Future Females mission is to support the success of aspiring and existing female entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs – to provide an environment where females can connect, and access the key resources needed to succeed. We are women that break the mold, think bigger and are working to create a bright future.

We are pro women, not anti-men. Men are always welcome! This is an inclusive event.

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About Workshop17

Workshop17 is an exciting hub that exists to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship for a positive social and economic change. It is now the work place of more than 240 entrepreneurs, innovators and professionals and 80 companies. Corporates, government and civil society use the space daily for meetings, teachings and events. The public drops in for informal work and meetings in the café. The community buzz is felt every day!

Workshop17 Tabakhuis is a historical building in Paarl and forms part of the heritage area. The building was once used as a storage facility for tobacco which led to the naming of the property which we have transformed into a work and meeting place for a community. Tabakhuis is centred around the social workspace within the café environment aimed to encourage idea generation, collaboration and sharing between startups, seasoned professionals, small and large companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Tabakhuis offers over 140 hot desks, 16 private offices, 4 semi-private offices, meeting rooms and boardrooms along with a fully equipped seminar room located on the ground floor with easy access to the café.


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