Vortex Open Source 2019

Thu Dec 12, 09:00 - Mon Dec 16, 20:00
"Circle of Life" @ Stormsvlei


Step into a Vortex of love, a kaleidoscope of colour and spiral into a world of psychedelic music, art and dance. For five days, Let the bass move your feet, connect through the beat. Vortex Open Source celebrates the summer solstice with an all-encompassing psychedelic experience.

Three dance floors bring you mind-blowing psytrance, soul-shifting chill-out and foot grooving techno and prog under brilliant shaded dance floors. Kick back near the river with yoga, massage, workshops and flow arts between the trees. Enter the Vortex at South Africa’s only 5 day outdoor music festival and be transformed.

** LOCATION - Stormsvlei **Circle of Life **

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man. The River is one of the symbols of the great flow of Life & lives totally in the Moment, neither in the past nor the future, always flowing. It begins at the Source & Returns To The Source. A river is water is its loveliest form, with life, sound & movement in infinite variations. Rivers are veins of the earth through which water, the lifeblood of our Mother, returns to the heart.

Rivers flow not past, but through us, tingling, vibrating, exciting every cell & fibre in our bodies, making them sing & glide. A spark of consciousness reflects in rivers, which is why they are Man’s favourite places on Earth & why they have always seemed such magical things, a moving, living part of the earth, running over rocks from the basement of time, winding through landscapes like ribbons of quicksilver & murmuring over small pebbles which gleam like crystals in the silvery water.

When we drift down the River on slowly spinning currents, with our feet kicking lazily in the water, with the soft song of moving water permeating the air, it feels as though medicine is moving through us, flushing our cells with a natural liquid peace. A river doesn't just carry water, it carries life & all things merge into one. In this calm river vision, all thoughts flee from our head, we flow freely, calmly, naturally, enjoying the present moment & like a flowing river, we learn the art of living.

Go with the flow. Immerse yourself in nature. Slow down & meander. Go around the obstacles. Be thoughtful of those downstream. Stay current. The beauty is always in the journey. The river is where love runs deep & If you fall in you'll be ours to keep.

Directions from Cape Town:

Take the N2 towards Swellendam, 20km out of Riviersonderend.

Left onto the R317 Bonnievale / Stormsvlei turnoff.

Directions from George:

Follow the N2 towards Swellendam, 40km past Swellendam

 Right onto the R317 Bonnievale / Stormsvlei turnoff


The Vortex Open Source line up will keep you mesmerised and entranced. For five days, take flight to a multiple genre musical experience over three musical zones where you can let loose or relax, you choose... One Energy – One Heartbeat – One Love


Trust in Trance and prepare To Dance: South African and international psychedelic wizards take to the decks and take hold of your body for a five day journey of discovery and delight. Flow through space and time on a sonic journey to the art of transcendental dance...


Explore a parallel sonic scape in the Headspace. No boundaries, no limits ... Treat yourself to an experimental, multidimensional menu for your ears ... techno, zenon and prog, live trance tunes and night-time only undefinable genres.


Find only the finest ambient, dub and chillout sounds in a space of love and a land of comfort by the river, The Heart Space. Rest your mind body and soul in a warm core of peace, love, unity and respect ... expanding talks, awakening yoga, flow arts, healing arts and mind-melting music


- There will be cash gate

- No under 18’s : We have a strict ID policy - No ID no ENRTY!

- No Pictures of tickets will not be accepted as a form of ticket

- Only original tickets printed out, hard copy, saved on your phone


·     Wolfkop Clamping https://vortexopensource.wontom.com/tickets

·      Vortex Village Camp @ [email protected]

Experience the festival in comfort. Fully kitted tents for hire in a safe, secluded, spacious & fully shaded environment. Enjoy flushing toilets & hot showers in total privacy with 24-hour security. Tent equipment includes two mattresses, plush pillows, linen, snug sleeping bags & interior light.


- Mister Bear TP Tours: +27 81 522 4471 / Mr Bear TP Tours

- ZOO FESTIVAL TOURS +27 61 014 8272

- DIE BUS +27 81 359 3405 / DieBusBusdiens


* VOLUNTEER in exchange for a ticket https://goo.gl/VbCDLb

* BIRTHDAY PACKAGE: Birthday in December. Get 10 Friends to buy a ticket at the Early Bird price & get the 11th ticket FREE Email: [email protected]               

* NO GLASS PERMITTED on the venue. Please decant into plastic bottles

* FIRES – ONLY at communal fire pits. Gas cookers must come with a fire extinguisher.

* OUR PLANET OUR WASTE: We ask that you take special care in the way you handle your waste at Vortex, use the bins provided. Cigarettes butts are litter too!

* NO ATM but cash-back service at the bar – a small fee will be charged

* THE INFORMATION STATION, report any incidents, problems, for any advice or info, lost property, workshop schedules, line-up times / info guide & if You need another Rubbish Bag head there

* SOURCE FM - Tune in to Vortex’s very own radio station, SOURCE FM, which will be broadcasting LIVE across the venue directly from dance floor so that you don’t miss a beat when you’re resting your feet.

* DONATIONS - Every event Vortex supports a different charity, any donations, no matter how big or small. Be the change your wish to see in the world!

* NEWSOURCE Trance Letter Sign up https://vortextranceadventures.co.za/

* CONTACT DETAILS Tel +27 71 468 8339 / Email: [email protected]

RIGHT OF ADMISSION RESERVED. The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles & belongings resulting from any cause whatsoever. Due care has been taken to make this event safe & secure. Participation at event is entirely at your own risk. No glass, fire arms or illegal substances.

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Vortex Open Source 2019
"Circle of Life" @ Stormsvlei
R317, Bonnievale, Stormsvlei, 6730
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