Moving into Connection: an evening of Movement Medicine with Petra Bongartz

Mon May 27, 18:30 - Mon May 27, 20:00
Body Intelligence Studio


Come and join us for an evening of dance and connection in this beautiful intimate venue. If you are looking for a practice that will leave you feeling more alive, energized, purposeful and creative, look no further! This practice is suitable for all and no prior experience is necessary. In Movement Medicine, there are no steps or choreographies to learn and follow. Rather, it is an invitation to sense, express and share how and who we are in the moment, by giving shape to our feelings, thoughts, longings, dreams as well as our struggles, questions and stories in movement, with the moving miracles that are our bodies, with our big beating loving hearts and with our infinitely creative open minds. As we enter more consciously into conversation with the life force that lives through and in us and allow ourselves to become fascinated by the ever-changing dance of our being and becoming, we discover more and more facets of ourselves in relationship to everything else. In this way, Movement Medicine supports us to enquire and know more deeply who we are and what our unique contribution in the world might be, so that we can play our part in creating a better world for all our relations.


Cost: R110 (R90 concessions). Pre-booking is essential as places are limited.

Please arrive a few minutes early so we can start promptly at 18.30.


About Movement Medicine

Movement Medicine is a dance based practice that weaves together the wisdom of many different approaches and traditions including dance, shamanism and psychotherapy. Through engaging body, heart and mind together in movement, we are able to access a different kind of intelligence from the one we generally use- a more holistic and connected understanding of the world and ourselves. In the dance, we re-member ourselves as creative, choiceful and interconnected beings. The tools and practices of Movement Medicine enable us to be and move with all that life has to offer. Movement Medicine is a journey of discovery and an enquiry into how to be fully alive: Who are we and what is our purpose? How can we live our fullest potential and create the life we dream of?


About Petra

Petra is a fully qualified Movement Medicine Teacher and Facilitator with CPD Level 1,2 & 3 Advanced Training and has been studying with the School of Movement Medicine, UK since 2009. Her passion for life, sensitivity and deep love for the Earth and all beings infuse all of her work. Petra facilitates Movement Medicine events, workshops and ceremonies in Knysna, Cape Town and Europe under the name Moving into Connection. For more information join the Facebook page or visit


About Moving into Connection

For me the felt and embodied experience of (inter)connection has been central to my journey with dance and represents one of the keys to creating positive change in the world. In Movement Medicine, as we take time to move back into, fully inhabit and express ourselves with our body, and bring it into alignment with heart and mind, we re-connect firstly with a more whole and holistic sense of self. We also become more aware of the infinite ways in which we are connected with everything around us – we are literally made of Earth, Sun, Water and Air; we are profoundly interdependent with each other; the life force that is found in trees, birds, flowers, elephants is what animates us - we are part of the giant web of life that includes all our human and non-human relations. This experience and understanding of ourselves as ‘inter-being’ as Thich Nath Hanh puts it, not only offers us support and resources for living our lives, but also inspires us to live more compassionately, to put our creativity in the service of life and make choices that are more aligned with the highest good of all our relations.

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Moving into Connection: an evening of Movement Medicine with Petra Bongartz
Body Intelligence Studio
Dassenheuwel Ln, Noordhoek, Cape Town, 7979, South Africa
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