Nourish: A Movement Medicine Retreat for Women

Sat May 25, 09:30 - Sat May 25, 17:00
Body Intelligence Studio


A warm invitation to come together for the fifth daylong Movement Medicine Retreat for women. Take time out from the busyness and treat yourself to some me- and we-time in movement and the nourishing company of other women. A day to pause, reflect and resource yourself... Balm for body, heart and mind.


Come as you are, with all that moves inside you and in your life: your joys and your struggles, your grief and your celebrations, your questions and your ideas, your gentleness and your wild self. There is space and a dance for it all on the Nourish dancefloor. 


After working with Earth, Fire, Water and Air, we now look to Ether, perhaps the least familiar element of the five element cycle for support, inspiration and insight. Like our inner space or our consciousness it is vast and intangible. In its immensity and elusiveness it points us to that which we might call the Great Mystery, the unknown from which all arises and to which all returns. How do we relate to the formless, to spirit, however we experience or name it? Where do we find connection to that which is bigger than ourselves? How are we with not knowing, with what we cannot control or plan?

As part of the medicine carried by this element, we will enquire into our relationship with self acceptance and compassion- key ingredients for self-care and nourishment! How can we include more of who we are, the smooth and the rough, the things we love about ourselves and those we feel are somehow unacceptable? How does the vulnerability of allowing our full humanity to be felt and seen lead us into deeper connection with ourselves, each other, life and the sacred?


Throughout, we will work with Movement Medicine and other creative, reflective and playful practices, to arrive (back) home in our being, to resource ourselves and find nourishment, inspiration and support in our togetherness as women. Sharing who we are in movement and through giving each other the gift or presence, listening and sharing, we strengthen our inner resources and the rich web of connections between us.


Everyone welcome, no previous experience required!

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Nourish: A Movement Medicine Retreat for Women
Body Intelligence Studio
Dassenheuwel Ln, Noordhoek, Cape Town, 7979, South Africa
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