Propel Womens Course 2019

Fri Sep 27, 00:00 - Sat Oct 12, 17:30
RED POINT Pinetown


She's every woman who desires to make an impact in her world for the Kingdom. She believes she is to be sent into the harvest field, using her unique passions and talents to influence her world for the Gospel. She's a woman who leads—and believes she was made to lead. She gives all that she has. Puts it all on the line. Leaves nothing behind.

The Growth Conversation Series curriculum was created to be an intentional conversation starter and guide to biblical truth. Designed for women, we tackle conversations about how to strengthen ourselves and continue to grow in our leadership journey.

Once a month, we meet as a community to have deliberate conversation on GROWTH. We are looking forward to you being part of this life changing series.

Course dates are as follows:

·  05th May       Elbow Room 

·  02nd Jun       Enlarge

·  07th Jul         Stretch

·  04th Aug       Lengthen

·  01st Sep        Strengthen

·  06th Oct        Growth

Time : 17h15 for 17h30 to 19h30

Registration Cost of R200 which includes coffee & biscuits.



Propel Womens Course 2019
RED POINT Pinetown
80 Caversham Rd, Pinetown, 3610, South Africa
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