How To See Into The Future – Creating And Innovating Products, Ideas, Campaigns And Causes That Succeed On People And The Fourth Industrial Revolution: THE HUMAN GREED PYRAMID WORKSHOP

Sat Apr 27, 09:00 - Sat Apr 27, 14:00
Sandton - Johannesburg


ADD greater value to your company, organisation and yourself. EQUIP yourself with seeing into the future, influencing and innovating it.


This workshop is for marketers, entrepreneurs, managers, community leaders, professionals, politicians and innovators in different corporations.


Come learn the structures of creating and innovating the products, ideas, campaigns and causes that succeed on people and the world. THE HUMAN GREED PYRAMID WORKSHOP explains the rules within which the future, innovation and influence happen.


You can thus APPLY it at your job, business, cause or campaign to add value, innovate and even get personal advancement.


It is a grand way to understand how (4IR or Industry 4.0) Industrial Revolutions take shape.


Freely experience the value of THE HUMAN GREED PYRAMID through this quick illustration here


Also freely see why successful innovations – e.g. McDonald’s, Alexa, or even Christianity – mirror and interrelate with our biological inclinations – and thus enabling us to plot and create innovations that work on humans:


The workshop introduces new methods of thinking you’ve probably never heard of before. The workshop merges a multitude topics and subjects: psychology, biology, evolution, history, anthropology, technology, statistical research, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

It is created and presented by Tiisetso Maloma in a fun and detailed manner.


The workshop shows you in an aligned manner the tools, theories, hypotheses and concepts to use in order to look into the future – and how to innovate and influence the future.


It is brought to you by PsychHero™ Consulting & Training.

Tiisetso Maloma is a pattern modeller, researcher, storyteller, entrepreneur and author of The Anxious Entrepreneur, Forget the Business Plan Use this Short Model, Township Biz Fastrack, Township Biz Adjacent and Tales of an African Entrepreneur. He has innovated and developed business and behaviour tools such as the EBC Business Model and The Human Greed Pyramid. He has been a parallel entrepreneur for over ten years, and in various fields. In those ten years, he has been one of the foremost creators of content in South Africa. He has extensively written and researched on innovation, human behaviour, creativity, anxiety, self-help, neuro-linguistic programming, evolutionary psychology and developmental economics.

PsychHero™ Consulting & Training is an innovator in Business Enterprise Development, Innovation Analysis, and Consumer Behaviour Influence from an evolutionary, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, individual and social lens.


  • Tracing, forecasting and plotting success and innovation of ideas, products, campaigns and causes.
  • Patterns of how innovative and successful ideas and products are innovated.
  • Understanding how (Fourth) Industrial Revolutions (4IR or Industry 4.0) form and how to innovate and influence them.
  • Innovating for specific areas, people and economies (because cut and paste innovation many times fails).
  • Pre-determining feasibility and success of ideas, products, causes, campaigns and concepts.
  • How successful products are a mirror of our biology.


  • The Human Greed Pyramid
  • Adjacent Possible Theory application (A theory with genesis in biology).
  • Spaza/convinience metrical (A product with a convenience metrical is a product with advantage over other products in that it has more than one demographic and metrical interests and use)
  • Location Specific Adjacent Possible Advantages
  •  Business Model Innovation (because everything has a business model, even none business causes and ventures)
  • Stacking for Agility (ingredients of innovation and success)
  • The Element of Luck (Right place at the right time, and, Connecting the dots or the dots connecting themselves)


We are all trying to look into the future and see how we can influence it: for the better and/or for our advantages).

The future is dependant of how we are able to influence and innovate; and of course nature – of which we are not in charge.

This workshop is not a Chrystal Ball look into the future. Or a magical look into the future.

Therefore, workshop shows you in an aligned manner the tools, theories, hypotheses and concepts to use in order to look into the future and how to innovate and influence it.

As the truth, science and new knowledge often times offends some, this is workshop can be found likewise, and politically incorrect.


-- Duration: 9 AM to 2 PM

-- Early bird tickets are R1500. Thereafter tickets are R2200. Lunch is included.

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-- The workshop is held at a hotel in Sandton-Johannesburg.


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