Complete Your Book Online Writing Mentorship February 2020

Sat Feb 1, 00:00 - Sun Feb 2, 00:00

Are you ready finally write your book and get it out into the world? This is a unique, high-level and personalized mentorship.


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It is an extraordinary, supported process that will get you to create, plan, write and COMPLETE your book as you join a global community of writers and together we will travel this exciting journey over four months. This is our first level mentorship, and it is a tightly-held course that holds you to your promise to write your book. 

?We set the targets and deadlines and show you how to move forward and write with clear focus and intent. This is the first step all writers must take down the path to publication. We work intimately with writers over the entire first draft process.


Over and above structured lessons via emails, you get live mentorship calls, a closed accountability group and one-on-one sessions with your writing mentor.


That means you get to see our stern faces (you can watch our video below) and really become part of a tight group of writers that is going to start, and more importantly finish, together. The personal nature of this is why we have close to 100 published authors come through our mentorships - and that is pretty remarkable.


This will prompt, push and hold you to your promise to write your book.

We have limited spaces for each mentorship because of the high level of support we offer. 

COST 2020


??* Please note that all our fees are non-refundable as per our T&Cs. We have limited places available on our mentorships so please jump on a call if you are not sure this is right for you.  

Why is this mentorship so successful? 


Sarah Bullen is a writing coach with 15 years of getting writers to produce the most publishable version of their books and selling these to publishers. She is a literary agent and editor and really will support you to write your book. Kate is on her 4th book and is an international author, speaker and brand expert. She will lovingly hold you accountable to your OWN promise to make this dream a reality.

So what happens practically?

 In a nutshell, you will plan, write and produce your first draft over four months. 

  • From the week before we start there are a series of tasks to get you focussed.
  • We kick off with a live call explaining the process and a lesson in how to write a book, what publishers are looking for and how to begin to structure your thoughts into a contents list.
  • In the second week, we will stream writers into fiction and non-fiction depending on your chosen genre.
  • The core of the communication happens via structured email lessons you will receive twice a week. Novelists will be put on a fast-track to plot, plan and write and will receive an email instruction every day to get your plot points adequate and your words flowing.  
  • There are live video conference calls on book structure, plotting and technique. These also form the backbone of support, as writing can be a very lonely journey.
  • Each writer has two personal sessions. The one with Sarah will work directly on your book structure, positioning, plot, and concept. This will happen early in the course to get your book on the right track from the start. 
  • The session with Kate will cover target-setting, emotional and confidence blocks, how to move forward and set accountability challenges or can be a focused look at your author brand and how to build and leverage this.

During the first four months, the entire focus will be on your word count and getting your draft down (aka writing your book).


This mentorship is honestly a massive juggernaut. Once we start, you are going to be coached, cajoled, loved and pushed to get to the end of your book. We would like to take you all the way to publication with our more advanced mentorship, but we can chat about that later. Nothing happens without your first draft completed!

Sarah Bullen says..

I have worked with writers for over 15 years to get their book written, and published. After many years of teaching writing I have found this magical online course has changed my entire view of the process. I have always advocated writing alone but the group dynamic of these courses takes on a life of its own. It has been a break-out success and the constant push towards the finish has kept writers going. The support is incredible and writers who are clear they want to write a book will get there on this course. Added to that they get my structure and step-by-step process on how to plot, plan and write a book" 

Kate Emmerson says..

“When I wrote my first book, I literally had a green light from my publisher from a 2 page proposal that I submitted, and had zero input from specialists of any kind - just a deadline to hand it in. I literally sat and wrote on my own, but I am naturally massively disciplined and can simply trust my own process when I have big deadlines, plus I have the personal skills to overcome any negative self-talk that gets in the way of most writers. Writing my second book was a whole lot harder! I know this process is not that easy for most of you. My role is to keep you on track and to get your book out of you! I am very firm.. but kind."

“Kate cracks the whip and Sarah moulds your book into shape”  - Sandra Buckingham
“Sarah is the master at showing you how to write for a reader”  - Khanyisa Malungana
I’m no writer but had a story I needed to tell.  If you have a book “inside” you and you have determination then catch a ride with Sarah and Kate.  Hold on tight – it won’t be easy, and it does take time, but if you do it their way – and do everything they say, you will get your first draft done.  Their wealth of knowledge on the craft of writing, the industry, and process and the motivation around it all was priceless.  Book 2 to follow soon and no doubt through this process again with them. Costa Carastavrakis - From Addict to Athlete.
“You are in for a ride of fun and learning, hard work, sleepless nights as well as the rousing and wondrous highs of meeting your own commitments in getting YOUR book done as you steadily come into your home run - your finish run - the draft of your book! ?Get your ticket now.” Hester Bergh Appoyer
Kate and Sarah will help you up on your feet and moving in the right direction. They are kind, but clear; wise, but pragmatic. I recommend this to anyone who is ready to take their writing dream and turn it into a reality! Anel Hamersma
To turn your dreams into reality one needs to take action. This helps you to do just that. It gets the words moving from your head onto paper and your book becomes a reality.Theresa Robberts

Sarah and Kate’s writing mentorship is the stick of dynamite you need to stop gazing at your own navel and instead gaze at a finish line that gets steadily closer. If you’ve been struggling to get your ideas out of your head and onto the page, this mentorship will prove invaluable.   – Meg Chronis 2018

?“I never knew how to share my story, and then like a divine gift from the universe, came Kate and Sarah. From book structure and editing to publishing, branding and PR I did it! And if I can, you can. What an incredible experience – let them show you how. It’s a life-changing journey.
Jen Cole 
You have motivated me to fulfill my dreams:  Hannelie Bronkhorst.
What an amazing and inspiring experience it has been. After sitting for years with bits and pieces of my second book done, I now have a completed first draft in my hands. Jacqui Holmes
D-Day – Wow! What a journey. Yes I have a first draft! 89 000 words! Carmen Tina Schneider.
This is a life-changing course. I spent a month immersed in my ideas for a book and I came away with a way to write it. Rajesh 2016
I absolutely loved the process with Kate Emmerson and Sarah Bullen. Not having been an author before, the experience gave me the grounding I needed to complete three chapters for a co-authored book and get started on my first book. Bettina Pickering, The Emotion Coach 2016
“Anyone who feels they have a book buried inside should be part of this course to dig deep and uncover the book that needs to be written”. Jacqui Bourne
This has started me on a journey that I dreamed of from an early age but hadn’t felt confident enough to act on. The whole process of writing and publishing has been de-mystified and made ever so do-able. It is no longer an intimidating out of reach dream, finishing my book is now an attainable goal. Viki Runge
??"I want to thank you for putting together this course material, the course itself and without a doubt, for the magnificent support, inspiration, nurturing, friendship and confidence that both you Kate, and you Sarah have afforded us during this ‘a journey into the unknown world of writers’.  This has been one of the best things to have happened to me for a long time! There is no doubt that I attract fabulous people into my life. Bravo! "Rose McClement 2017

I absolutely loved the book mastermind with Kate Emmerson and Sarah Bullen, the guest speakers and my fellow aspiring authors. Not having been an author before, the mastermind experience gave me the grounding I needed to complete three chapters for a co-authored book and get started on my first book. 
Bettina Pickering, The Emotion Coach 2016,
Anyone who feels they have a book buried inside, should be part of this mastermind group to dig deep and uncover the book that needs to be written. Guaranteed to challenge you and push you to succeed. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without this course. Jacqui Bourne 2017

This group has started me on a journey that I dreamed of from an early age but hadn’t felt confident enough to act on. The whole process of writing and publishing has been de-mystified and made ever so do-able. It is no longer an intimidating out of reach dream, finishing my book is now an attainable goal. Viki Runge 2017

This course was a big eye opener for me! It showed me that I can definitely write and publish a book, and that it’s also not an exercise for the faint of heart! However, with the Mastermind structure it’s much more accessible that just doing it in the dark… having the guidance, expertise, and intense delivery context is definitely a potential game changer. Brad Shorkend 2016
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Your Hosts

Sarah Bullen is an international writing coach, author and book editor at The Writing Room who has worked with over 2,000 writers since 2005 and has 31 published authors that have come through her mentorships. She works with writers and publishers all over the world to help them find and tell their best story - in any format. Sarah has written six books and writes for magazines internationally. She is a regular guest on talk shows and a keynote speaker at writing workshops internationally and does one-on-one writing coaching, journaling journeys and development work through writing and is the book coach for BossLady. Sarah’s clients are based all over the world and she runs courses and retreats in the UK, US, Greece, Ireland and South Africa. 

Kate Emmerson  - known as THE QUICK SHIFT DEVA shares her enLIGHTening ideas of LIVE LIGHT LIVE LARGE around LIVE LIGHT LIVE LARGE around the globe. She is South Africa’s foremost clutter expert, sought after international speaker, professional lifestyle coach, mentorship facilitator for writers and runs retreats and masterminds in idyllic locations, including Greece, Rome, Dubai, USA and South Africa. She has had 2 books published in South Africa with Metz Press and recently joined forces in the USA to publish her 3rd book and written 6 online courses.
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