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Want to wear a beautiful wristband for AfrikaBurn?

If yes, then let's help Severin Taranko make it happen!


Severin Taranko: About the project

The idea came to me at AfrikaBurn 2018: After I had passed the gates I was looking down at my wrist. The wristband I had been given was made from pink plastic!!

As a wristband artist, I feel a wristband should reflect the beauty of the event it is created for. It was this moment when the idea sparked to make the AfrikaBurn wristband an art project of its own. 

I want to raise 61.420 ZAR for this project and anything that brings me closer to this goal will be deeply appreciated. If you like what you are about to see please consider supporting me!

Please visit http://www.ideenzoo.com/ for more information and some visuals

Here is where we are right now:

The Concept

The wristband design will draw inspiration from two things: AfrikaBurn’s theme and the mythology of the San, a nomadic tribe of Bushmen living in South Africa since literally the dawn of man.

The 2019 theme - “Ephemeropolis, the City of Transience” - was inspired by the eternal cycle of becoming, being and disintegration. 

But while we watch things come and go I belief there is a deeper meaning to all of it. Nothing Lasts... But Nothing is Lost. 

The San knew of this divine connection between all there is. They believed in the concept of “Thinking Strings”, threads of consciousness (or thoughts) interwoven with the sounds of nature. With their help, the San believed, a seeker is able to ascend to the spiritual realm.

With these ideas guiding my creation I want to honour the people of these native lands which deep insights we are just rediscovering in our temporary culture, the AfrikaBurn Tribe.

The Design

The defining visual element will be the thinking strings - intertwining, colorful threads, giving form to all elements on the wristband, spanning past, present and future.

The layout will showcase iconic art works and symbols from stories that defined the history of AfrikaBurn, all rendered in the transient flux of a fleeting mirage. 

The wristbands will come in four different color schemes: general admission, kids, crew and suppliers wristbands.

And here is your chance to participate in the process: Send me an e-mail which 8 colors (incl. background) you would love to see! [email protected]

The Production

AfrikaBurns's great artworks are often hand-made using natural materials. The wristband, I believe, should honor this tradition. 

The wristbands will be produced by an automated loom. Eight colored yarns will be woven onto a base fabric, giving the wristband a nice, haptic touch. 

Aluminum seals have been chosen for closure, since I strongly believe in not using any one-way products made from plastic. If you interested to know why please take a look here. 

Here is a list of all budget positions needed to complete this project: 


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