The Answer - Afrikaburn Artwork

Wed Apr 22, 19:00 - Wed Apr 22, 20:15


The Artwork that we will be creating for Afrikaburn 2020: Afroboratory is The Answer. The Answer is an artwork from the Tankwa Town Library that pays homage to our favourite story and the book we continue to read. It consists of a 2.4m tall number 42. 

In order to make the artwork interactive and allow people to think and grow there will be a smaller 42 set a distance away, if you line up the holes in the 4s you will see a bright Deep Thought in the distance. At Deep Thought there will be a plaque that reads: We believe that knowing your purpose is The Answer and so we encourage you to write your down your purpose and drop it inside Deep Thought. 

The artwork will be made of Plywood and pallet material and will be a 3D number 42. The aim is to CNC the front and back facades and then to have a timber frame.  

In terms of lighting we would like to Black light the artwork so that it glows at night. A huge shout out to Devin and crew who are helping out with the lighting! 

If you are inspired by this artwork and want to offer support we would greatly appreciate it. 

Where help would be great:

CAD design work for the CNC cutting

Doing the CNC work

A workspace to get it ready to build

Affordable plywood

Helping hand out in Tankwa

Extra ??????????????

We are using Quicket as a fund raising tool to protect you. We will host an online event to thank everyone and to chat the week before the burn.


How can we help?