Franck's Jozi Night Life Expereince

Sat Mar 2, 20:00 - Sun Dec 29, 04:00
Franck's Jozi Night Life Expereince


Our Joburg night Experience is An Experience that offers guest the ability to really explore Johannesburg's night life with local party people. The experience is divided into 3 part which Offers guest a complete night.

The experience starts with the guest being picked up from their hotel / Airbnb by our party bus at 8 pm and will be transported To our first location for pre-drinks. The party starts on the bus with complimentary shots! Pre-Drinks location should be decided base on the dynamic of the group.

11 pm we will head to one of the famous clubs in Johannesburg where guest will have a chance to dance Jozi style! Most clubs in Johannesburg close at 2 am due to regulations after 2 am most adult entertainment centers are open and pubs in Johannesburg start pumping! We will pub hop From 2 am to 4 am to fully enjoy the Johannesburg nightlife.

After the party guest will drop back To their Hotel or Airbnb doorsteps.


Franck's Jozi Night Life Expereince
Franck's Jozi Night Life Expereince
20 De Korte St, Johannesburg, 2000
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