Stone 7 AfrikaBurn 2019 Fundraiser

Tue Mar 5, 06:30 - Mon May 13, 18:00


Stone 7

Stone 7 invites you on a journey between the energies earth and sky. Temporarily experience a alternate reality where potentially destructive energy has been harmonized with our most basic law of nature to create a moment of physical and mental elevation as you make your way along the path of floating stones 2.5 meters off the desert floor.

Stone 7 will be assembled without the help of machines in it's installation. Instead applying our bodies to the task in order to feel the reality we are creating. Staying linked directly to our work.

We need your help to make Stone 7 a reality!


I'm super grateful to have received a grant from AfrikaBurn to cover some of the costs of this project. But there is still a long way to go. We will need an additional 30,000R to make this project possible. Your donation of any size helps us get closer to this goal!

We will be organizing a moment at AfrikaBurn for everyone who donates to our project.

Super thank you in advance!

My name is Benjamin Langholz. I'm an artist originally from California, but currently living in Berlin. I attended AfrikaBun for the first time last year and with the help of my crew, and wonderful AfrikaBurn community brought you Urge, a project based on Kinbaku or Japanese rope bondage using 9km of red ropes. It was a space for a moment of quite and intimacy suuuuper far into the desert. We had an amazing experience at AfrikaBurn and I was inspired to bring another project to Tankwa Town this year.

Stone 7 is part of a series of projects which started with the completion of Stone 1 after Burning Man 2018. A 500kg granite stone permanently floating between the trees outside Spokane Washington. Before even starting Stone 1 I had already visualized and sketched and become very excited about Stone 7 as a possible Burn project. I also had the idea for Stone 27 which will be created as an honorarium project for Burning Man 2019. Stone 1 was an essential step in this direction. Stone 1 was constructed without the use of machines for lifting and instead relied on tools of mechanical advantage. I had to apply my physical body to it’s limit in order to effect gravity as well compensate for a lack of experience with what I was doing. Through this process I gained a great appreciation for the physical strain each component of the installation was under. The bolts, hardware, wire ropes, and trees. Once Stone 1 was gently swaying in the wind overhead I could feel the tension that the components were under in order to hold this potentially incredibly destructive mass back against the most basic law of nature. Gravity.

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