3 Hour Sokkie Bootcamp

Sat Mar 9, 10:00 - Sat Mar 9, 13:00
St Luke's Methodist hall


Do you want to learn the Sokkie, but have limited time during the week? Then this is the course for you. We take the most popular dance steps from our well known 6 week course and compress it into a 3 hour crash course.

We guarantee you will be dancing by the end of the 3 hours...or your money back.

in This course you will learn the following;

1) Basic steps

2) Underarm turn

3) Side Basic

4) In-and-Out Spin

5) Hand Change

6) Spin turn

7) Open Side ot Side

8) Sling shot

9) Basic Waltz

10) Basic Rock & Roll

Bring own snacks and refreshments. There will be coffee and cookies available.

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3 Hour Sokkie Bootcamp
St Luke's Methodist hall
43 Kosmos Ave, Wilro Park, Roodepoort, 1724, South Africa
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