Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification

Wed Mar 13, 08:00 - Thu Oct 17, 17:00
Makaranga Garden Lodge


The Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Programmme will dramatically enhance your credentials and credibility by making you an expert in applying Emotional Intelligence (EI) in the workplace. 

  • Save hundreds of hours of development by utilising our proven Emotional Intelligence training program offerings
  • Prove the Return on Investment of your programs by using our integrated pre- and post- assessments
  • Brand our programs with your own information as you see fit as you see fit
  • Tap into a community of fully certified instructors worldwide – or have your current educators certified to deliver
  • Benefit from ongoing program development by Genos – adding new offerings at your options.

As a Genos Certified EI Practitioner you’ll be able to:

  • Become an official Genos partner and deliver the full suite of Genos emotional intelligence products and programmes.
  • Provide an expert perspective on the business case for, and benefits of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.
  • Apply the Genos Model of Emotional Intelligence in client solutions to raise employee engagement, enhance resilience, improve teamwork, raise leader productivity and create a positive climate for change.
  • Powerfully debrief Genos Emotional Intelligence assessment results with individuals and teams.
  • Provide practical tools and techniques for improving emotionally intelligent behaviours in the workplace.
  • Deliver 4 ‘out-of-the-box’ 1-day training programmes: Engaging Leader, Resilient Leader, Mindful Leader and Emotionally Intelligent Leader. Access scripts, workbooks and best practices.
  • Position the unique features of the Genos approach to assessing and developing Emotional Intelligence in comparison to other EI approaches.
  • Support clients in identifying, recruiting and developing emotionally intelligent people using our unique EI Selection Report.
  • Deliver compelling keynote presentations on all aspects of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Build your reputation as an Emotional Intelligence expert using Genos content and marketing best practices.
  •  If you’re an independent coach, consultant or trainer: develop ‘residual revenue’ not dependent upon man-days.


Genos Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification
Makaranga Garden Lodge
1 Igwababa Rd, Kloof, 3640
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